Is Surfshark Good for Torrenting?

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Surfshark is one of the latest services to enter the VPN market, and it has already conquered a place in the torrent community. In theory, this VPN ticks all the boxes of a good torrenting VPN. They have a friendly policy regarding file-sharing, fast speeds, many P2P servers, and good security features.

To make sure Surfshark is indeed a suitable VPN, we tested it specifically for P2P, to see if it can manage torrent downloads in a safe and fast manner.

Does Surfshark Allow BitTorrent Traffic?

Surfshark allows torrenting through its VPN software. Just like us at BitTorrentVPN, Surfshark supports the idea that torrents should be used for legal file sharing and downloading. In other words, they do not advise illegal torrenting.

What makes Surfshark a safe torrent VPN?

There are several aspects that a VPN provider has to follow to be considered safe. Below, we analyze the main security details of Surfshark also the company responsible for it.


The company behind this VPN is Surfshark Ltd and was founded in 2018. But most importantly, it is based in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands does not abide by the same privacy regulations and data retention laws as some other stricter countries in the EU, which is good news for VPN users.

No logging policy

Surfshark doesn’t need to handle activity logs to foreign or domestic governments due to its neutral company location. What’s even better is that they don’t have to save logs, including torrent activity logs. The only thing they keep is time stamps used for debugging purposes. And these are deleted after 15 minutes after a session ends.

To make their users even more relaxed, the company clearly states their position regarding logs on privacy policy, available on their website. Here is an excerpt that mentions that their activity isn’t stored and cannot be passed on to governmental agencies.

An excerpt from Surfshark's privacy policy stating they do not keep logs

Encryption and Protocols

Surfshark offers five VPN protocols and uses AES 256-bit network encryption to ensure that connections remain private. The protocols include OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2/IPsec, Shadowsocks, and WireGuard. 

Do not use Shadowsocks for torrent downloads, as it will only protect your browser traffic. That protocol would expose your BitTorrent activity. OpenVPN UDP is generally the most stable and flexible, as it provides greater security, speed, and performance in most cases. 

IP Addresses

Like most VPNs for torrenting, Surfshark uses shared IP addresses. Several users will have the same IPs, meaning that the activity of an IP address cannot be associated with a single user. They also have static IPs available, but you should always use shared ones for torrenting.

Kill Switch

This feature is crucial for P2P. It automatically kills your Internet if the VPN connection drops. While Surfshark users rarely experience dropped connections, the kill switch ensures that your real IP address isn’t exposed if this issue occurs.

DNS Leak Protection

The DNS protection is always activated to ensure your identity does not leak. When you connect to Surfshark, your DNS address will change and adapt to the VPN server. Unlike other VPNs, Surfshark does not allow you to turn this feature on or off.

How to Torrent with Surfshark?

Since the update where the Surfshark’s team decided to make all servers P2P-friendly, the torrenting process has become fairly easy. Follow these steps to ensure a safe torrenting experience using Surfshark: 

1. Get a Surfshark subscription

The first thing to do is to get a Surfshark subscription to be able to use the software.

2. Install and configure Surfshark for torrenting

After installing the VPN app, make sure you set it up for torrent downloads. Although there aren’t specific settings for P2P, there are things you can do to increase your safety, such as turning the kill switch on. To activate that feature, go to Settings – Connectivity – Kill Switch.

3. Select a server and establish a connection

We recommend choosing a server using the quick connect (nearest country) to make things simple and efficient. That option will select the fastest server located in one of your nearby countries. We’ll talk about this topic in more detail in a little bit.

4. Ensure that your real IP address is protected

To ensure that Surfshark successfully masked your real IP, you should check what IP you are using. You can use a website like IPleak to perform such a test.

5. Start torrenting with your favorite BitTorrent client

Now that Surfshark is protecting your identity, you have everything you need to start torrenting anonymously. Look for a torrent and use your BitTorrent client. If you still don’t have one, both qBitTorrent and uTorrent are good choices.

P2P Servers

Surfshark has servers in 65 countries, more than 3200 in total. That ensures that most of the globe is covered, meaning users will always find a server close to them. A nearby server is essential, as it won’t significantly impact the connection speed.

Information about Surfshark servers

As I mentioned before, Surfshark allows torrenting on every server. It wasn’t like that initially; they allowed P2P activity in some servers only. Having only a few options for P2P in the past was a disadvantage, as they would be easily overcrowded and, therefore, slower.

In 2020, they announced that every server became P2P-friendly, which was great news in the torrent community.

How to choose a good Surfshark server for P2P?

As I mentioned before, you can use the quick connect feature to select a fast server for torrent downloads. Just make sure you choose the option “Nearest country“. It’s easy to find; go to “Locations“, and you will see this option.

The user interface of Surfshark and the available options

When you use this feature, the software will exclude your country and select the best server in the closest country to you. For example, if you are in the north of the United States, it will connect you automatically to a server in Canada.

When you select the automatic connection on most VPNs, the software connects you to a server in your country. But it’s always safer to connect to a server in a foreign country. If someone tries to monitor you, they would have to go through two different jurisdictions.

It’s an extra layer of security. It’s the first time we see this option in a VPN, and we hope more providers adopt this idea.

Manual selection

If you want to select a server for your torrent downloads manually, that’s also possible. Head over to “locations” and choose the one you want.

Some countries even have several server locations, such as the US and Australia. That’s a great detail! More options within the same country mean less server load, resulting in higher speeds.

After that, you can even bookmark your favorite servers to use them again with no effort.

Built-in server speed test

Another way of checking which servers are the best for you is by testing them yourself. Surfshark is one of the few VPN softwares that comes with a speed test included. It allows you to see the download and upload speeds of each location. That way, you’ll know which ones are the fastest at any given moment.

The server speed test tool built in Surfshark VPN

We are huge fans of this feature because it gives us great insight into the download speed of a server, which is particularly useful for torrenting.

Torrent Speed Tests

We performed several tests on different servers to verify how fast we could download a torrent file while connected to Surfshark.

We are sharing the test we performed on the Netherlands server, which is one of the preferred locations to connect for P2P purposes. At the same time, it’s a close location to the country where the test was made. Moreover, you can see the best possible speed we achieved.

qBitTorrent was the option we’ve chosen to manage our downloads during our tests. And the protocol was OpenVPN UDP.

Torrent speed test with normal Internet connection
Torrent Speed test without a VPN connection
The result of the BitTorrent speed test connected to Surfshark
Torrent speed test connected to Surfshark

Some servers are faster than others, especially those close to the test location. Overall, we registered good speeds.

This test shows a speed loss of almost 11%, compared to the original Internet connection. It’s important to mention that every VPN will impact your speed because its encryption consumes resources. Even though this isn’t the best result we had when testing a VPN, it’s far from the worst.

Considering that the software has only a few years, it’s pretty impressive. These test results are comparable to other top VPN services that have been improving their speed for years.

Other test locations

To help you understand how distance plays a role in download speed, we are also sharing average results on two other locations further than the one above.

Portugal: (Same continent but distant from where the test was performed) – This server’s speed loss averaged 24%.

Canada: (Very far from the test location, on a different continent) – The speed bump was quite noticeable here. We saw a loss of 48%, which is understandable.

User Interface

The user interface is very straightforward, allowing users to connect in seconds and download torrents. All the main features are present in the main window.

From there, it’s possible to establish a VPN connection through the quick connect, or the recently used servers. An expand button lets you see the IP address you are using and turn the kill switch on or off. You can even see the downloaded and uploaded data.

The user interface of Surfshark and the available options

The look of the VPN can be adjusted in two different ways: a light and a dark mode. I’m using the dark mode, as you can see in the screenshots.

Extra Features

Besides the tools that we’ve already discussed, such as the kill switch and the DNS leak prevention, there are a few features that can help you improve your torrenting experience. 

Whitelister: allows you to select which programs operate through the secure VPN tunnel and those that don’t. 

For example, some users download torrents with the protection of Surfshark. At the same time, they keep data-heavy programs that do not require privacy protection, operating with their real IPs. It’s the same feature as the split tunneling tool that other VPNs offer. It just has a different name.

CleanWeb: helps keep you safe while browsing the web through the VPN. It’s an anti-malware solution that blocks ads, phishing, and trackers. If you consider that nowadays, many torrent sites contain malware in their ads, such a tool can be helpful.

MultiHop: routes traffic through multiple VPN connections before coming out the other end. This added security may be overkill for some users, but it decreases the chances of anyone being able to track your activity. It’s pretty rare to find this feature at no extra charge. It’s also known as the double VPN.


The software works with almost every device. The app features an intuitive user interface no matter which platform you use. The main features and settings are easy to find and use on every platform.

The devices and platforms compatible with Surfshark

The fact that they have no limits for simultaneous connections was a pleasant surprise. Users can have all their devices protected at the same time. That’s a good option for entire families.

It’s the only VPN on our list offering unlimited connections, and we are curious to see if other providers will take this path.

What do users say about torrenting with Surfshark?

Online forums are a place where torrent users discuss their favorite VPNs, especially Reddit. Here’s what they said about Surfshark in some of the threads we checked. 

Overall, users seem to be happy with Surfshark for their torrent needs. The main things that users point out on Reddit seem to be the fast speed this VPN provides. On the negative side, some users complain about the lack of port-forwarding.


The price is one of the factors that torrenters appreciate most about Surfshark. It’s famous for being a budget-friendly VPN. Right now, users can choose between three different pricing plans:

The price of Surfshark's subscription plans

Like most services, you save more money when you choose a longer billing cycle. With the monthly plan, you pay $12.95 per month. Most users will probably agree that the monthly rate is a bit steep. Luckily, the next two options save you a considerable amount. 

The two-year plan costs $59.76 and renews every two years. That equals $2.49 per month. As I see it, there is no reason to choose the 6-month plan, as you can get an extra year and a half for an additional $20.82.

If you aren’t happy with the service, they have a money-back guarantee policy of 30 days. Keep in mind that such policy applies only to the 2-year plan

Should You Torrent with Surfshark?

It depends on what kind of torrent user you are. Surfshark is a good option for most users, but a couple of drawbacks may not be convenient for some. You’ll find out if Surfshark is suitable for you by looking at its pros and cons.


  • Modern and unbreakable AES-256 encryption cipher.
  • The company is located in a neutral location regarding data retention laws. On top of that, they have a clear no-logging policy.
  • Unlike some VPN providers who do not confirm or deny their stand on P2P file-sharing, Surfshark clearly supports it.
  • It has all the tools necessary for torrenting anonymously, including a kill switch. 
  • Some extra tools make downloads more manageable and safer, such as a built-in speed test and the Cleanweb.


  • They have a good download speed, but they’re still not at the level of the fastest VPNs.
  • They do not allow port-forwarding. That’s because port-forwarding opens security vulnerabilities. It’s a common scenario in most VPNs, but it’s still a drawback for some users.
  • Linux users still don’t have a kill switch tool.


The answer to whether Surfshark is worth it for torrenting is now more evident. If you are an average torrent user, Surfshark is an excellent option. It has all the features you need, a company with clear policies and no ambiguities, and good download speed.

However, if you are registered in private torrent sites, you may encounter issues using private trackers. Such torrent communities demand a certain download/upload ratio. And because Surfshark does not support port-forwarding, you may have problems when trying to seed.

Surfshark for torrenting FAQs

Since Surfshark allows P2P on every server, the best ones are physically closer to the user. The lower the distance, the lower the impact on speed.

If you have slow torrent download speeds with Surfshark, the culprit is usually a bad server. Try to change to another server location. Switching to a new protocol may also help to increase speeds.

No. Surfshark has unlimited bandwidth, so users can download how much data they want.

Surfshark is compatible with every BitTorrent client, such as uTorrent and qBitTorrent.