About us

We are David and Phillip. We’re humbled you’ve chosen our blog as your P2P and VPN resource. I wanted to share some information about who we are, our history, our mission, and our intentions with this blog.

The Birth of an Idea

Back in 2012, long before our site was born, I (David) had a very negative experience with my former ISP and another entity snooping on my torrenting activity. After a couple of threatening letters and some panic, my research started. I could have used a blog like this one back then.

After learning so much from the different materials I pieced together, I realized there was something wrong. For a community created on the concept of sharing knowledge, it should be so much easier to find information on torrenting! But it was pretty scarce!

That lack of available information planted the idea in my brain of having my own blog about torrenting. And I kept researching and discovering new tools to increase security while torrenting. That’s when VPNs came into my life.

My newfound discovery of the sheer power of VPN technologies became a passion. Luckily, it went hand to hand with my other passion: torrenting. I just knew that my blog had to have two centers of focus: VPNs and torrents. That became even more evident every time I thought about my negative life experience with torrenting without a VPN in the past.

And BitTorrentVPN Was Born

In 2016, I decided to translate my passion for torrents and VPNs into a blog. The goal was simple: I set out to provide unbiased reviews of VPN services and determine if they are suitable for torrenting safely.

The following year, my friend Phillip joined me in this adventure. And his technical knowledge in this field brought even more value to our site. From that moment on, we started publishing new articles regularly with torrent related materials. Besides VPN reviews, the site began to post reviews of BitTorrent clients and torrent sites, tips to increase safety, VPN configuration tips, etc.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help you enhance your internet privacy while torrenting.

We want you to have a pleasant and safe torrent experience without any prying eyes watching over your shoulder. To achieve that, we provide genuine and easy to understand torrenting tutorials and software reviews.

The Team

David Barnes

I’m a technology enthusiast who spends most of my time reading articles for research purposes. BitTorrent is an old passion of mine. I remember telling a friend, as a joke, many years ago:

“I love torrenting so much! If only there were a job related to it, I would take it without thinking twice”.

When I’m not reading or reviewing BitTorrent related software, I’m most likely playing strategy games, such as Rome2.

Favorite VPN: NordVPN
Favorite BitTorrent client: qBitTorrent

Phillip Whittaker

My background in online security led me to become a VPN enthusiast. After testing and being familiar with many services, I accepted the offer to join this exciting adventure. I’m glad I found a way to combine my passions for BitTorrent and VPNs, and I hope it helps other people to enjoy torrenting as I do.

When I’m not writing, I’m camping, trying to stay close to nature and peacefulness. I also love martial arts, and I practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu every week.

Favorite VPN: Vuze VPN
Favorite BitTorrent client: Vuze

How Do We Generate Revenue to Keep the Site Running?

In the first place, we do not sell out to VPN companies. We do not accept any kind of payment to write a positive review or rank the VPN at the top of our list.

Rather than sell out to a VPN company, our goal is to remain objective in all our reviews. We know how vital online privacy is, and we always follow the Golden Rule; I would never do to you what I would not want to be done to me! Rest assured that we will never be bought out by any company, and our reviews will remain honest.

As we mention in our affiliate policy, we use affiliate links for some of the VPNs we review, and we make a small commission when you click on our links and buy the VPN. There’s no additional expense to you, and it helps us keep the blog running and test new VPN services.

Do We Only Review Good VPNs?

Unfortunately, some VPNs may expose your activity, and we want you to stay away from them. We’re not afraid of telling you to stay away from VPNs in certain circumstances. And we also support our advice with in-depth explanations about why a particular service is not suitable for torrenting.

We even adjust our recommendations over time, when a VPN becomes “good enough” or “not good anymore”. A good example of that is PIA, which used to be one of our favorite VPNs, but after some changes in the company, we stopped recommending it.


We encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions for the site. You can do so via:

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You can also reach us and follow us on our social channels:

Torrents and VPNs are our passion, so we’re always open to adding new helpful material to the blog.

Happy Hunting!

Thanks for looking more into BitTorrentVPN and considering it as a resource to use.

On that note, I’ll leave you to get to explore the blog and learn more. We hope you enjoy perusing this site as much as we enjoy making and maintaining it!