About Us

About our team

We are a three-member team based in different parts of the world. Thanks to our passion for torrenting and online anonymity, BitTorrentVPN was born.

That’s when we started reviewing VPN providers and handpicking the best ones to download torrent files anonymously.

How do We Work?

In order to review our favorite VPNs, we buy a premium plan of the VPN provider we want to test, and we start our testing procedure. All factors are considered, but the ones related to torrents have more weight, such as security, speed and tools like a kill switch.

The way we work

There are several tests performed in order to include a VPN in our list of recommendations. We focus on leaks that can expose users.

That’s why we test DNS and IP leaks very thoroughly, during long periods of time. If a provider has leaks that compromise a torrent user, it won’t be included in our ranking.

What about the ones we do not accept?

The VPN providers that we don’t think that they are suitable for torrenting are simply not included on our website. We review and recommend the ones that passed all our tests.

It may happen that a bad VPN provider is trending and many users are downloading torrents with it (when they shouldn’t). In that case, we usually write a blog post warning users and telling them why they shouldn’t use a specific VPN provider for torrents. Our priority will always be the online safety of our readers.