Detecting a VPN

Can Your VPN be Detected?

A VPN is a wonderful tool that allows users to hide from several kinds of entities. Many users encrypt their connections with a VPN because they want to protect their data and hide their activity. But is a VPN invisible,…
The importance of the Kill Switch feature for torrenting

The Kill Switch for Torrenting Safely

On the surface, if your VPN disconnects while you are torrenting, it shouldn’t be a big deal. But, as always, it's not that simple. If you are using a VPN without a Kill Switch, and if the VPN crashes, you…
Tutorial on how to use a VPN

How to Use a VPN?

Many beginners are intimidated and think a VPN is very technical and quit the idea before they even get into it. Maybe it was like that years ago, but modern VPNs are made for everyone. Many of them only require…
List of countries that allow torrenting

The Safest Countries for Torrenting

Since its inception decades ago, torrenting remains the most popular way for users to upload and download a variety of media, including music, movies, and games. Even though file-sharing in itself is legal, issues may arise when the content being…
The best sites to download video games

The Best Torrent Sites for Video Games

Paid gaming platforms provide access to all the latest video games, but torrenting offers an easier solution. You can quickly browse for any titles and find everything from indie to obscure classics. The only hard part is choosing the right…
Binding Vuze to a VPN

How to Bind Vuze to a VPN?

When it comes to torrenting, privacy should be a top priority. And the Vuze torrent client offers a unique feature that lets you bind it to a VPN, and only download or upload when there is an active VPN connection.
Review of the BitTorrent Client

BitTorrent Client Review

Anyone who has decided to take a closer look at the world of torrenting will most likely come across BitTorrent at some point. This protocol is an excellent way to download and share files, and it continues to be one…
Vuze for torrents

Vuze Client Review

In a sea of endless BitTorrent client options, finding one with just the right balance for you can be difficult. For example, resource consumption will probably be on the forefront of your mind if you use a lower-performance machine. On…
Many peers sharing files

What Is Peer-to-Peer?

Over the last few decades, peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing has exploded in popularity, and it is now being used by millions of people across the globe. Instead of getting your files from centralized servers, this system allows you to directly download…
A nat firewall protecting a system

What Is a Nat Firewall?

Some VPN services often offer a NAT firewall protection to their users as an added security precaution. If you've wondered what a NAT firewall does or how it will impact your ability to share torrents, you aren't alone. While NAT…