IPVanish for Torrenting

Last year there were quite some updates for IPVanish. They included important features that improved security when downloading torrents. With all these new tools came a fresh new look that made the software even easier to use. We tested it thoroughly, and we came across very interesting results.

Safety and Privacy Details

This VPN provides an unbreakable 256-bit encryption for OpenVPN and L2TP protocols. PPTP comes with a 128 bit cipher. As we mentioned before, OpenVPN is the protocol we recommend, as it’s the safest one. There is the possibility of using OpenVPN with UDP and also TCP. 

Also, they use shared IPs, which means that one user shares the same IP address with thousands of other users. That way, one IP cannot be traced back to one individual user. The best providers use this system because of the increased level of security.

Does IPVanish Save Torrent Logs?

IPVanish adopted a zero log policy in 2014. This means they don't register any user activity. With this intelligent move, they started attracting more users. As a result of that, they have been growing a lot since then. For torrent users, not having their activity recorded is one of the most important things to look for in a VPN.

Even if the government asked IPVanish for any kind of log activity, they wouldn’t have anything to give them, as they don’t keep any records. Because of that, IPVanish cannot identify their users. This provides the peace of mind that every user looks for in a VPN.

The User Interface

The interface looks nice, and the main window allows the user to connect to a server in a couple of seconds. This tab is actually called the “Quick Connect“. It's simple, at the bottom right, the user chooses the country he wants to connect to. After that, the software will select the best server available in that country. To do so, it considers the connection of each user.

The software interface of IPVanish

Besides being able to connect to the VPN very fastly, there's also a lot of useful info, such as real-time speeds, the amount of data downloaded and uploaded per session, etc. They've made the IPVanish VPN software really simple to use. The users who don't want to get into server details can do everything from this main window, connecting to the VPN without any extra effort. But if you like to do select your favorite servers manually, then keep reading.

The Server List

The second menu is the “Server List”. The name is self-explanatory, it's a list of VPN servers. But it's not a simple list, this menu has some different options to select servers. There are three main windows to view and organize them: By List, by Map or Filter. We like the List option because we could organize servers by “Country“, “Response Time” and “Load“.

IPVanish server selection

As you can see in the image below, we organized the countries by “Response Time“. This means that the countries are now organized by the shortest time needed to respond. For us, the fastest servers are in the Netherlands.

How to Torrent with IPVanish

IPVanish lets users download torrents on every server, but it's always good to keep in mind that some countries are more tolerant regarding torrenting. For that reason, IPVanish optimizes servers for P2P in those locations. And the number of servers in those places is also much higher, so users don't overcrowd the same servers. The Netherlands is a good example of that situation.

After sorting the locations in the way you like the most, it's time to connect to a server. And you can do that in two ways:

1- Click on the country you want to connect to, and the software will automatically select the best server in that country. This is what people usually call an automatic VPN connection.

2- If you like to test servers yourself and do things manually, click on the number on the right side. This is the number of servers in each country. For example, the Netherlands alone has 67 servers. This way, you will be able to see every server available in that country. And you can select the one you want. The advantage of this option is that you can see the “Ping” and “Load Capacity” of each server.

Features and Settings

They have been very busy updating their software with some very important tools. Let's have a look at the new visual and some of the most important features of IPVanish.

IPVanish features

Kill Switch: In our opinion, this is the most important update. It's a great addition, especially for the ones who want to download torrents. We recommend having this tool always activated. If there is a problem and the VPN stops working, the Kill Switch will interrupt the Internet connection immediately. This way, your real IP won't ever be exposed.

DNS Leak Prevention: With this option enabled, you make sure that you are using the IPVanish DNS servers, and not your ISP's. This is a way of ensuring there are no DNS leaks. It gives more security to the users.

Block Lan Traffic: It's like a Kill Switch on steroids. If this feature is on, your computer will not communicate with the local area network when the VPN is off. In simple words, you are making sure that you only have access to the Internet if the VPN is connected. This is quite unique among VPN providers and it's a great way to increase security for torrenting.

IPV6 Leak protection: Even though IPv6 can be disabled manually, it's always good to have such tool to do it automatically. Not long ago a team of researchers showed that many VPN services were leaking IPv6 traffic. That's the reason why some VPN providers are adding it to their software.

Obfuscate OpenVPN traffic: Useful for users from countries with strict Internet policies. In such countries, OpenVPN connections are detected and blocked. In other words, this is a way of adding a layer of security against DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).

Server Locations

IPVanish has an impressive number of more than 850 servers in 60 countries. And users can connect using more than 40.000 IP addresses to help you mask their identity.

There are servers in every corner of the globe and they allow torrenting in every one of them. So, no matter where the users are, they will always find a good connection in a country nearby.


IPVanish is compatible with the main Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, etc…

Recently, the number of simultaneous connections increased from 2 to 5. According to them, this was one of the most requested things from the users. Now it's very easy to connect to a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet, mobile, etc… at the same time.

Security tests

DNS Leak test: Every test came out clean. This is thanks to the DNS Leak Protection integrated in the software.

IP Test: Same thing, the IP was always from the country of the VPN server.

Torrent address detection test: The download of files in uTorrent with IPVanish went without trouble. The IP detected in the tracker was the one belonging to the VPN server.

Torrent Speed Tests

When making this IPVanish review, our biggest surprise was the speed: almost no losses! This is what every VPN provider promises and only a few can deliver. All the providers we recommend did very well in the speed tests (otherwise they wouldn’t be on our list). But IPVanish has one of the fastest VPN speeds we saw.

File sharing without a VPN
Without VPN
IPVanish torrent test
Connected to IPVanish (OpenVPN UDP protocol)

We even went a bit further and tried it in servers from different continents from where we are. Once again we were very happy with the minimal speed losses in some servers that are so far away.


IPVanish price

Like most VPN services, the annual subscription has the biggest discount. Having in mind the number of security features and speed they offer, the annual plan is not bad.
There's a policy of 7 days to ask for the money back. This period should be enough for the user to decide if he wants to continue using the service or to recover his money.

What we like about IPVanish VPN

  • No logs are kept
  • Great 256-bit encryption for OpenVPN
  • Kill Switch
  • The best speed we saw in a VPN
  • Shared IPs
  • Free NAT Firewall
  • Regular software updates
  • More than 40.000 IP addresses
  • A great number of servers and locations
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • 7 days money back guarantee

What could be improved

We were happy to see that IPVanish included our improvement suggestions in their last updates. It's great that now we have to think and focus to find things to improve in IPVanish. It means they are updating the software according to their user's requests. But, like any other product, there is always something that can get better. Here is our current suggestion:

  • IPVanish has a 24/7 ticket system support. But it would be better to have a live chat so that users can have immediate answers to their questions.


IPVanish did a great job by changing their logging policies and increasing security. It opened new doors for them and it also gave them a place in our list of recommended VPNs for BitTorrent. They care about their user’s safety and they are very clear about that in their terms. We had such a great experience with this provider.

After reviewing IPVanish, we had no doubts about giving them the title of the fastest VPN for torrenting. They really have great speeds on many different servers. IPVanish is ideal for users who want anonymity combined with a fast connection. There are many arguments about which VPN is the best, but one thing is for sure, the name IPVanish is always present in those discussions.

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