VPNs we don’t Recommend for P2P

While testing VPNs, we often come across providers that are not suitable for torrenting. There are many reasons why that happens; some don’t allow p2p traffic, some don’t have the necessary features, some are managed by companies that we do not trust, etc.

Why do we have a page with VPNs we do not recommend for torrents?

Our goal with such a page is not to discredit a particular VPN brand. We do not mean to “trash talk” anyone. But, as you know, our goal is to test and identify suitable VPNs for torrenting. That’s because we want our readers to be on the safe side when torrenting.

In our opinion, excluding VPNs that may compromise your anonymity when downloading torrent files is a big step towards that goal.

We also want to mention that we are only considering file-sharing. We are not saying that such VPNs are useless. They may be good (or not) for other online activities, such as browsing safely. We are just saying that, for torrents and P2P, these are not the best options.

VPNs to Avoid for torrenting

These are the VPNs that did not pass our security tests and, therefore, the ones we recommend that you avoid when downloading torrents.


The logging policy, torrenting policy, and speed are the main factors that make us have doubts about this VPN. You can read our TunnelBear review for torrenting to see the specific details.

Avast VPN

There are a few details that make us be reluctant when it comes to torrenting with Avast VPN. It lacks a clear logging policy, some important features are not there and the number of servers where P2P is allowed is very limited.

Betternet VPN

In our opinion, Betternet VPN is not a suitable VPN for torrenting. It is associated with malware, it doesn’t have a few features and the speeds are not ideal.


We used to recommend PIA in the past. On paper, it still has good specs for torrenting. The only reason why we don’t recommend PIA for torrenting is the new company that acquired the software.