Is a VPN Safe for Torrenting?

We often talk about VPNs, especially when the goal is torrenting anonymously. But we keep getting this question, and we just decided to make this post, answering it in a clear way.

How does a VPN work?

When Torrenting with a VPN connection, there are two main processes happening that have the objective of hiding the identity of the user. Let’s take a look at them:

1. A VPN encrypts the entire Internet Connection

When you connect to a VPN server, all your traffic is encrypted and routed through that server. This means that all the data you download goes through an encrypted VPN tunnel, and it’s invisible to everyone but you. The best part is that not even your Internet Service Provider can see what you downloaded.

2. It will replace your IP address with a new one

The second part of the process is another great advantage of using a VPN. It will replace your real IP address with another one. And you are able to select the country where that new IP comes from. For example, if you connect to a Canadian server in the VPN, you will have a new IP from Canada. Whoever tries to track you will see an IP from another country, not yours.

Does it make you anonymous when torrenting?

By encrypting your connection and replacing your IP address, a VPN can make you anonymous when you download torrents, or in any other situation. But you have to keep in mind that if you don’t do things properly, a VPN software may fail in giving you that anonymity. What we mean is that there are factors that should be considered before you start using this type of software.

For example, there are VPN providers that save your log activity, and those should be avoided. Even after choosing a VPN software, you should make sure you go to settings and enable some important security tools. We have a great article to guide you on which settings to modify in a VPN, make sure you have a look.


A VPN can offer you the protection you are looking for, and it can definitely be safe for anonymous torrent downloads. But, like everything in life, things are not that simple. It takes a bit of attention when choosing a proper VPN for torrenting. A low-grade VPN may compromise your privacy and anonymity.

It will all depend on how careful each user is when selecting a software. And, after that, making sure the right settings are properly tweaked.