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The VPNs we recommend sometimes have a coupon available, or a price reduction. That’s why we have this page, so you can compare them and choose your favorite deal. These VPN coupons are perfect for users who are trying to save a considerate amount of money, but still want top notch protection. Check out the current VPN deals available!

Recently, CyberGhost started offering a special discount that takes 74% off for the 2 Year plans. With this deal, the price changes to $69.60 for a protection of 24 months. To get this reduction, there’s no need of inserting any promo codes. Just visit the pricing page and the details will be there.

NordVPN has a coupon available for the 3 years plan, which reduces 77% of the original subscription. The final price is a total of $99 for a period of 3 years. To use the coupon, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Get Discount”. You will be redirected to the checkout.
  2. Choose one of the payment methods and find the coupon area.
  3. Insert the code 3ydeal.

Currently, it’s possible to use a coupon for IPVanish that reduces 20% of the price for every plan. For example, the yearly plan will change to $62.39. Keep in mind that this coupon is only valid for first time users of IPVanish. To get the discounted price:

  1. The button on the right will redirect you to the pricing page.
  2. Select a payment option and find the area to insert the coupon.
  3. Insert the code SAVE20NOW.


When searching for VPN coupons, it’s very common to find outdated pages, with old discounts that are no longer valid. That is not the case here! We always keep our eyes on every coupon offered by our favorite VPN providers. As soon as one promotion ends, or when one starts, this page will be immediately updated. That way, all the promotions and coupons you find here are current and valid.