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VPN deals

The VPNs we recommend sometimes have a coupon available, or a price reduction. That’s why we have this page, so you can compare them and choose your favorite deal. These VPN coupons are perfect for users who are trying to save a considerate amount of money, but still want top notch protection. Check out the current VPN deals available!

NordVPN coupon offer

NordVPN has a coupon for the 2-years plan, which reduces 66% of the original subscription. The final price is a total of $95.75. To use the coupon, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Get Discount”.
  2. Choose one of the payment methods and find the coupon area.
  3. Insert the code 2ydeal.

Recently, CyberGhost started offering a special discount that takes 77% off for the 18 months plans. With this deal, the price changes to $2.75 per month. To get this reduction, there’s no need of inserting any promo codes. Just visit the pricing page and the details will be there.

There is an ExpressVPN offer available for our readers. The 1-year plan will have 3 more months included, for free, which means a total of 15 months of protection. That way, the monthly price comes down to $6.67.

You just have to access the offer on the following button. The promotion will be activate automatically after that.


When searching for VPN coupons, it’s very common to find outdated pages, with old discounts that are no longer valid. That is not the case here! We always monitor closely all the deals from our favorite VPN providers. For example, when NordVPN’s Black Friday deal starts, we update this page immediately. And when it ends, we remove it. That way, all the VPN deals you find here are current and valid.

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