The Best Torrentz Alternatives

Torrentz was a popular meta-search engine, providing results from a couple hundred different file-sharing websites. It allowed users to look for just about anything without needing to visit multiple sites.

Unfortunately, as with many of these sites, Torrentz shut down. The replacement, Torrentz2 is a good option for many users, but it has also gone through several domains. 

To make sure you can find an alternative that suits you, we included a mix of torrent search engines and websites that have a considerable amount of files available.

1. TorrentDownloads

Popular alternative to torrentz

TorrentDownloads is both a torrent site and a search engine at the same time. Just like Torrentz, it checks other torrent websites for content.

It also has a few features that help it stand out, including the “health” feature for video files. If it has a poor quality video, there will be an orange icon next to it. If it has a high-quality HD video, there will be a green icon instead.

The site is affiliated with other torrenting websites, including LimeTorrents. That means you also get results from a variety of other sources. However, you do not need to visit them to download your file.

When you click on a torrent, you will see a magnet link and all the information you need. You can view the file size, seeds, leechers, and trackers. Sometimes, you can find links to stream the content without downloading.

2. The Pirate Bay

One of the largest torrent archives

The Pirate Bay is a typical torrent database. It hosts the files instead of indexing from other sites. It also remains the largest torrent archive available. It organizes content into categories and provides multiple options for sorting the results, such as sorting based on upload date or the number of seeders.

Because of the size of the site, many of the results you get from the search engines we mention in this list will likely come from The Pirate Bay.

Keep in mind that this site has a few drawbacks. Its popularity makes it a target for malicious attacks and constant monitoring from ISPs and copyright agencies.

3. LimeTorrents

A page with a simple interface

LimeTorrents provides a relatively clean interface until you view the pages for the individual files. The detail pages include a variety of misleading ads, such as “download now,” that do not take you to the real download. If you look just below the ads, you should see the real options for accessing the file.

The available download options include a magnet link, torrent download, and direct download, depending on the file.

Overall, the layout and available content are almost identical to TorrentDownloads. The two sites share many features, including advertisements that appear in new tabs and a list of related torrents.

If you try to visit TorrentDownloads and find that your ISP blocks it, LimeTorrents provides the perfect alternative.

4. RarBG

A site that offers variety of torrents

This was a Bulgarian-based tracker site and now caters to a worldwide community. In recent years, it has reached the top 10 list of most-visited file-sharing sites.

It offers a wide selection of content covering almost every category. You may search for eBooks, TV shows, comics, movies, games, and software. RarBG verifies the content hosted on the site. The chances of unwittingly downloading a virus are slim.

This site has one of the best layouts when you view the details of the torrent files. For example, when you view the details for a video, you often get a description of the show or movie, screenshots, the IMDb rating, cast info, and other useful information.

Finally, it displays related content, in case the one you clicked on does not meet your needs. From the list of related files, you may find a version with more seeders or in a different format.

5. Torlock

An option with verified torrents

If you want to eliminate the risk of downloading harmful files while torrenting, use Torlock. The site only hosts verified torrents. Torlock even offers users an incentive to help find fake files and viruses. If you find one and report it, you earn $1.

This file-sharing website hosts everything, such as movies, games, shows, music, and software. It includes the typical features, like a search bar and different categories.

When you look for content, the website displays results showcasing the number of seeds, the “health” of the file, the size, and the date added. As a popular site, it tends to have multiple versions of the same content, making it easier to find the specific version of a program or a movie that you want.

6. Toorgle

A torrent search engine alternative

Toorgle is another search engine. It does not host any files, which provides an advantage and a disadvantage. It allows you to easily find almost anything, but also requires you to visit other pages to download the file or find the magnet link.

It uses the Google custom search engine to generate its results. When you first use the site, you may accidentally click on one of the ads instead of a link to a torrent.

Remember that it only includes results that Google indexes. If Google bans a site from its database, it will not appear in the search results.

The advantage of this option is that you get fewer malicious files. When you click on one of the links, the site directs you to the source that hosts the file, such as The Pirate Bay or RarBG.

7. YourBittorrent

A reliable old site worth considering

YourBittorrent is an old torrent index, but many people have never heard of it. Launched in 2003 as myBittorrent, it has a long history compared to other torrent archives.

The interface is simple, making it easy to browse for content. However, you will see advertisements when you click on any of the links. Typically, after you see one or two ads, they stop for a while.

The individual detail pages offer the usual information about the files, such as the number of seeders, leechers and size. You can also view whether the community verified the torrent, helping to reduce the risk of downloading a fake one, or a virus. When searching, you can even filter the results for verified-only content.

The advertisements are annoying, but the site has millions of uploads and a large community. That way, you get more seeders, which will provide you with faster download speeds.

There are Good Torrentz Substitutes Available

With the sites listed above, you can easily find just about anything. They may not be exactly the Torrentz you loved, but they are very capable alternatives.

If you want more, there are dozens of other pages that you can explore. Some of the runner-ups include SumoTorrent, iDope, and EZTV.

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