Why should you be anonymous when torrenting?

When you download torrents or just browse the Internet, there are entities that monitor you. There are several of them and they have different intentions. Let’s see the most common:

Government Agencies

This monitoring happens because many countries have strict copyright laws. For this reason, agencies are taking steps to see who downloads material protected by such copyright. This is where all the confusion begins: What are the limits that these entities have to watch what we are doing? And are they respecting these limits?

Some institutions go a long way to spy on the user’s activity. Governments are constantly trying to pass new laws that give them access to P2P networks, visited pages, emails, chats, messages, etc…

Internet Service Providers

More and more ISPs are cooperating with governments. They provide personal information of their clients, browsing history, downloads, etc… Many Internet Service Providers do this because they receive money for this data. Some refuse to sell any data, but as you may have heard, there are laws coming up that are forcing them to deliver private information.


There are also many hackers spread over the Internet. And one of the easiest ways for them to infiltrate a computer is through torrents.

What are the consequences of downloading torrents without protection?

As we mentioned, government entities look for users who are downloading copyrighted materials. When they identify these users, often the studios that are in possession of the rights sue them for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

You probably heard about the famous DMCA notices. These work in different ways, depending on who sends them. For example, the lucky ones get a DMCA warning, and they only face problems after a certain number of warnings. But unfortunately, the less lucky ones get a notification to pay an amount of money that the company holding the rights is asking for.

In the case of hackers, everyone knows the dangers. It’s obvious that their primary goal is to profit. They do that by accessing passwords, online banking details, and all sorts of private information.

How to guarantee your anonymity?

With all these attempts to watch what people are doing, some fundamental rights, such as online privacy, are completely lost. But the truth is that we are entitled to our anonymity, and there are legal ways of assuring those rights. Using a Virtual Private Network is the best way of assuring your anonymity. The Internet connection will be encrypted and it will change the IP address. No one will be able to see what websites you visit or what data you downloaded. Not even the Internet Service Provider has access to that info.

We do understand that there are illegal activities happening online. But that doesn’t give them the right of accessing everyone’s private data.

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