The Best Torrent Search Engines

File-sharing sites come and go frequently. Because of lawsuits and legal challenges, these websites are constantly shutting down. This makes it difficult to keep track of the best sources for torrents.

Torrent search engines provide a solution. You use these pages as you would use a standard search engine. You enter a query and the engine provides a list of results. As with Google or Bing, it crawls the top torrent sites and indexes the files.

It’s important to remember that they do not host the files you are looking for. You simply receive a list of magnet links or direct links.

One of the main advantages of search engines is that you no longer need to worry about your regular torrenting site shutting down. Here are the top five options for quickly finding torrents.


Most popular torrent search engine

Torrentz2 tops the list of torrent search engines. It indexes over 60 million files from over 200 different archives.

It has a simple layout with a search bar at the top. After you enter the name of what you want to download, it displays a list of results sorted based on the closest match and the number of peers.

With the most popular media, you typically receive more than one copy of the same result. This allows you to select from multiple file resolutions and formats. You can also choose the file with the most seeders to ensure faster download speeds.

If you want to avoid downloading fake files, the site offers a “verified” filter. After selecting this option, only user-verified torrents appear in your results.


An engine with different types of content

Torrentz.Colorask includes files from over 500 file-sharing sites, giving you access to almost any type of digital content you can think of.

It does not include any ads or clutter. After you input your query, it includes results that resemble a Google result page. The list includes a title, link, description, date, and thumbnail.

However, you often have to follow the link to read the full title to ensure that you have found the right file. You also need to deal with an advertisement opening in a new tab every time you click on a link.

While it is not the easiest option to use, the hundreds of sites that it crawls makes it one of the largest torrent databases available. If you cannot find a specific file somewhere else, try Torrentz.Colorask.

AIO allows selecting torrent sites

With AIO, you decide what torrent sites you want to search. Pick the ones you trust and then perform your query. However, to use this feature, you need to register with the site. As with most torrent databases, you have to create a password and username. It also requires an email address for verification.

Having the option to select the sites is useful when searching for specific content. For example, if you only want legal torrent files, you can just select the sites that ban copyrighted content. Other options include only video-hosting or music sites.

AIO shows the results from each page in their own tabs, appearing as a web browser with multiple pages open. This interface makes it a little easier to browse the results without needing to open the pages hosting the files.

Using the search bar in uTorrent is an interesting option. The goal is to have a personalized search engine that displays results from your favorite torrent websites. 

uTorrent customized search bar

With a proper configuration, you have the possibility of getting results from pages you like only, with no unnecessary ones.

Unfortunately, not all the pages will work, but many do. You can visit this page to learn exactly how to add sites to uTorrent’s search bar.


A minimalist file-sharing search engine

Formerly called the BitTorrent Search Engine, BTDB provides the simplest interface for looking for content. The minimalist design only has a logo and a search bar, as with the basic Google page.

It includes the most detailed choices on this list. It monitors the DHT network in real time, providing up-to-date information about active torrents. View the number of seeders, leechers, and available trackers.

BTDB provides access to millions of files from hundreds of popular file-sharing sites. Look for any content and get results within seconds.

The one problem you may encounter is downtime. The site often shuts down because of DMCA requests and other legal actions. As it often happens with this type of website, BTDB maintains several alternative domains.

Use Torrent Search Engines Carefully

While torrenting search engines make it easy to find the files you want to download, they do not protect your identity.

When downloading torrents, remember that using a VPN provides extra safety and security. It masks your IP address and keeps prying eyes from monitoring your torrenting activity. Without a security tool like that, your downloading history remains exposed to the public.

Use a Good VPN for Torrenting



Fastest VPN



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Best budget VPN

Bottom Line

Using any of the options discussed should make it easier to find your favorite TV shows, movies, and other digital content.

Instead of dealing with the constantly changing domain names, you let the search engine crawl popular torrent databases. Just make sure you do it anonymously.

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