Is Torch Browser Good for Torrenting?

Torch is a browser based on Chrome, with some interesting extra tools. It has built-in apps for music, games, a media player and a Torrent downloader, which is the tool we will be reviewing in this post.

Torch Torrent App

This download app does exactly the same job as a BitTorrent program, such as uTorrent. The difference is that it's not an external software, it comes integrated with the browser. It's easy to see that this app is a Torrent download manager

Is Torch safe to download torrents

It looks neat; the user interface is clean and there's even some basic info related to the torrent files. It shows the download and upload speeds and the estimated time.

Is Torch Browser Safe?

The safety factor was actually the reason to write this post. There are lots of opinions out there and, as it normally happens on the Internet, things grow out of proportion. So I thought it would be good to separate some myths from the facts.

During my research, I saw some people recommending this browser over software to download torrents. I respect that, everyone has a different taste and the right to have an opinion. But this changes when people mislead others, who are just searching for information. I saw some forums where people said that Torch is safer for torrenting, which is simply not true. This tool is a download manager included in the browser, nothing more.

If you ask if Torch has any safety advantage over software like uTorrent, the answer is: No, it hasn't. They offer the same level of security, which is none. The proper way to be anonymous when torrenting is by using a VPN to download torrents. That way, you will be safe with both Torch or any BitTorrent software. But Torch alone doesn't provide any security.

These are a few VPNs that will make you safe and anonymous when downloading with Torch or any other BitTorrent client:


If having a torrent manager directly in the browser is an advantage for you, or if you prefer the good looking interface, then Torch is a good option. But if you are changing to this browser because you heard it's safer for torrent downloads, then you should stop and think again.