The Kill Switch

Why is it so important to have a Kill Switch feature in your VPN software? What can happen if you don’t have one? In this page, we will explore this tool and tell you why you should have it always turned on.

What is a Kill Switch

This feature has the objective of killing the internet connection in case the VPN stops working for some reason. The purpose is that the user’s real IP address is not shown while the VPN is disconnected.

Basically, the VPN Kill Switch gives an extra layer of security. The user knows that if there is a problem, this feature will immediately stop the internet connection, keeping the IP hidden. When the VPN is working again, it will reconnect automatically.

Why is a Kill Switch important for torrenting?

When you are torrenting with a VPN connection, the IP seen by the tracker of the torrent file is the IP from the VPN server. When the VPN stops working unexpectedly, your real IP becomes visible and you are exposed. Even if it was just a second of torrenting without a VPN connection, your real IP will be saved by the tracker.

The Kill Switch for torrenting

But if you are using a Kill Switch, every time there is a problem with the VPN, your Internet connection is interrupted before your real IP becomes exposed. This interruption is made immediately, so there is no time for you to be visible to the tracker.

Different types of Kill Switch

There are mainly two types of this tool, the ones that end your Internet connection entirely and the ones that stop only the programs that you choose. In our list of recommended VPNs for torrenting, you can find both cases.

For example, ExpressVPN has a general Kill Switch, the entire connection is shut down if the VPN stops working. On the other hand, providers like NordVPN have a customized Kill Switch. In this case, the user can previously choose the applications he wishes to stop in case there is a problem with the VPN. That way, there won’t be a complete disconnection, which can be really useful.

Fortunately, a good service almost never disconnects, but the truth is that it may happen. Because of that, the best providers include this feature in their VPN software, for their user’s peace of mind.