PureVPN vs NordVPN

These are two very decent VPN providers. They are at the top of the market for a reason. But there are differences between them that can be a decisive factor when choosing a VPN. Let’s have a look at our comparison between these two VPNs.

Security Details

They are both located in strategic places. They have chosen countries without data retention laws to have their companies based. In other words, those governments won’t be requesting any info about their users. And if foreign entities ask for user logs, they do not have to cooperate with them.

It’s also worth pointing that they use the most secure level of encryption, an AES 256 cipher. And among their available protocols, they both offer OpenVPN, the safest one.

There is no advantage in this first chapter. They are very similar here, with an equivalent level of protection.

Extra Features

When it comes to features, these VPN providers are quite different. And it’s very clear they decided to go in different directions.

PureVPN has a balance between protection and customization freedom. In other words, they have the most important security features, such as a Kill Switch. But they also the possibility of modifying the software, like choosing a language. It’s also very interesting that it’s possible to choose what traffic is routed through the VPN, thanks to the Split Tunneling tool.

NordVPN decided to go hardcore with safety options. They offer the basic, but also advanced security features. Even the most paranoid users feel safe with tools like Anti-DDoS and servers with a double encryption (Double VPN).

Both do a great job, but NordVPN has the advantage here. The number of safety options is great, and that should be the priority of every VPN.


The speed difference was noticeable, although not a lot. On average, we were able to keep 95% of the original Internet speed with NordVPN. On the other hand, PureVPN offered 88% of that speed.

All VPNs have an inpact on the speed, but it’s good to see that the  loss is becoming smaller and smaller. 95% of the speed is one of the best VPN speeds  we saw.


PureVPN has the lead in the servers chapter. They have the impressive number of 141 server locations. There are servers close to every user on the planet.

NordVPN’s numbers are quite good as well, 62 is more than most VPN providers have to offer, and they have quite a lot of them. They made sure they have servers all around the world, so all users have servers nearby.

The server locations can be tricky. What is good for “user A” is not necessarily good for “user B”. What we normally recommend is for each user to check the server list of each VPN and look for server locations in countries nearby. Remember that it’s advisable to select a location in a country nearby, not to lose a lot of speed.

Torrenting and P2P

The two VPNs have the same approach when it comes to Torrenting and P2P. They allow it in some countries, but not all. That way, they optimize some servers for BitTorrent traffic.

PureVPN has around 500 servers available for torrenting, in 83 countries. NordVPN allows it on more than 1000 servers, in 36 countries. But who has the advantage? In this category there are two winners, depending on where the user is located:

NordVPN is the best option for torrent users located in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. There are great servers optimized for Torrenting in those regions, faster than PureVPN.

PureVPN is the best option for torrent users living in South America and Africa.


There’s a slight advantage to NordVPN, with 6 simultaneous connections. But Pure has quite a lot too. Both have enough connections for all your devices. And if you want, there’s still enough room for a friend or relative who you trust to use the software at the same time as you.

All the major Operating Systems and devices are compatible. And not only computers and mobile devices, the VPN software can even be used on smart tvs.


Regarding the price, PureVPN is normally cheaper, with a price of $2.88 for their 2 year plan. But NordVPN is offering a promotion of 75% discount for their 3-year plan. Considering that deal, the prices are no longer that different.

Which One Should You Choose?

For us, the decision is obvious: NordVPN is the clear winner. It beats PureVPN in many fields, especially the most important ones, like features and speed. PureVPN offers a good software, but it lacks the resources to even come close to NordVPN. If we consider the current promotions, the choice is even clearer.

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