What is Popcorn Time?

As most torrenters know, you usually cannot stream a torrent. That’s because you are downloading random bits of data that are later compiled to create the whole file. Popcorn Time offers exactly that; to torrent content and stream it at the same time.

But not so fast! As with any type of software that promises convenient access to content, you should know more about it before using it. You may want to know where it came from, how it works, and whether it is safe to use.

Popcorn Time Is an Open-Source Torrent Client

The Popcorn Time software was originally developed by a team of developers in Argentina. They wanted to create a software that allows people to stream video content from a torrent.

However, the developers soon abandoned the project due to concerns over copyright laws. The concept of streaming torrents was not new and other developers were quick to pick up the code and continue development.

There are now several variations of Popcorn Time. They all use the same original open-source code and offer similar software packages. No matter which version you download, you are getting an open-source torrent client that includes a streamlined media player. The software automatically populates a list of available torrents that you can start streaming instantly.

For the user, the software works the same as any other streaming service. However, a variety of applications are working behind the scenes to download the torrent and prepare it for streaming at the same time.

How Do You Use Popcorn Time to Stream Content?

The basic concept is similar to using a standard BitTorrent client. Your computer connects to other torrent users who are seeding the content. When you start downloading the content, you also begin seeding.

Streaming a torrent file

The difference between a typical BitTorrent client and Popcorn Time is the streaming aspect. Popcorn Time utilizes various applications to fetch the torrent, thumbnails, and data. When you open the software, you are presented with a large browsable collection of movies and TV shows. You can view the thumbnails as you browse through the available content.

The content is obtained through various torrent indexing sites. That means that most of the content that you stream is also getting downloaded by regular torrent users. When you find a program that you want to watch, you simply click on the play button. Popcorn Time automatically begins torrenting the file and gets it ready for streaming.

You can find almost anything on Popcorn Time, especially the latest releases. If you can find a torrent for a movie or TV show in one of the many torrent sites, you can likely find it on Popcorn Time.

Is Popcorn Time Legal?

While some people may plead ignorance, everyone knows that the movies and TV shows that appear on Popcorn Time are pirated. Keep in mind that ISPs may determine that you are using this software and throttle your Internet speeds or remove your services. It is well known that there are some risks involved in torrenting without any protection.

Using a VPN helps you limit the chances of getting caught by your ISP. It encrypts the data getting sent between torrent users and your computer and masks your true IP address.

Is Popcorn Time Safe?

Remember that you are using the same protocol for downloading content that you use when downloading through BitTorrent.

When torrenting, your IP address may be exposed to other users. Your ISP is also able to determine that you are downloading torrents to stream content through Popcorn Time. But there are ways to overcome these safety concerns. As we mentioned before, using a VPN service to mask your IP address allows you to download and stream content through Popcorn Time anonymously.

Should You Use Popcorn Time?

There is not much of a difference between using Popcorn Time and torrenting files through a BitTorrent client. The only major variation is that Popcorn Time allows you to stream content instantly. You also do not need to visit websites to search for the files.

The movies and TV shows are already collected for the user. You can simply browse through the titles and click on what you want to watch. It works instantly and there are versions available for all major devices.

If you decide to use this software, you should still follow the same precautions that you would use when torrenting. Always use a VPN provider. It allows you to gain a virtual IP address for anonymous web browsing, torrenting, and now streaming.