A Review of qBitTorrent

qBitTorrent Review

If you want a simple, fast BitTorrent client with no ads, qBitTorrent may offer the right solution. It's a completely free, open-source program that delivers a clean torrenting experience. While it provides a simple and clean way of downloading files,…
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Analysis of the best alternatives of uTorrent

Best uTorrent Alternatives

Millions of users rely on uTorrent for their torrenting needs. After its release, people flocked to this free BitTorrent software. It provided a lightweight, open source solution for torrenting. Compared to the official BitTorrent software, users tended to prefer the…
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Exploring the best peerblock alternatives

Is Peerblock Good for Torrenting?

PeerBlock has become a popular option for torrenting. The free software claims to help protect your privacy when using a BitTorrent client. Unfortunately, PeerBlock does not offer a complete solution for anonymous downloads. On top of that, it may also…
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How safe are torrent sites?

How Safe are Torrent Websites?

File-sharing is a controversial topic that created a huge grey area of uncertainty. We do know that torrent trackers are under monitoring by ISPs and copyright agencies. But things are not so simple when it comes to torrent webpages, the…
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Torrent file not working

Why Some Torrents Don’t Download?

A torrent that doesn't start downloading or one that suddenly stops can be very frustrating. You check your Internet connection, the cables, and everything looks good. So what can be the reasons for those torrents that don't seem to work?…
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A browser leaking user activity

A Browser can leak your encrypted activity

A browser is one of those essential tools that you really need to surf the Internet. They are getting prettier, faster, with more tools and, unfortunately, less secure. This small piece of software can give a false sense of security.…
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Changing the IP address for torrents

Changing the IP Address for Torrenting

When it comes to measures to download torrents anonymously, changing the IP address is the most important one. But, with the increase of online monitoring, is hiding your IP still enough? Things are not so simple anymore. What is the…
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Using Tor for torrenting

Can Tor Be Used to Download Torrents?

Tor provides anonymous Internet browsing, but can you use it for torrenting? Here is what you should know before trying to use a BitTorrent client with TOR. What Is Tor? The Onion Router (TOR) was originally developed to protect communications…
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The TCP and UDP protocols

Differences Between the UDP and TCP Protocols

OpenVPN is a popular open-source software package used for VPN connections. It relies on UDP and TCP protocols for transmitting data across secure VPN tunnels. UDP and TCP are both transport-layer protocols, required for establishing temporary connections between two programs,…
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