A list of torrent websites to get ebooks

Best Torrent Websites to Download Ebooks

In the past, if you wanted to download ebooks through a BitTorrent client, you needed to visit popular torrenting sites. Because of copyright content, ISPs and government agencies monitor traffic to these sites. Some of them are also getting shut…
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The legal side of torrenting in Germany

Torrenting in Germany: Is it Safe?

Germany has gained notoriety for its strict stance on torrenting. Users face large fines and potential jail time for sharing pirated content. The tough laws have worked. Fewer than 2% of Germans admit downloading copyrighted content. In nearby Bulgaria, 27%…
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Comparing uTorrent and qBitTorrent

qBitTorrent Versus uTorrent

uTorrent and qBitTorrent are comparable pieces of software. Both options have lightweight, simple designs that require minimal resources. You can run these torrent managers without hogging the CPU. The menus are easy to browse, allowing anyone to start torrenting within…
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Sharing torrents in Canada

Torrenting in Canada

Torrenting is incredibly popular in Canada. In fact, back in 2004, the country had the highest percentage of torrent users for its population. While this popularity has decreased, many Canadians still rely on The Pirate Bay and other databases to…
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Downloading torrents in the UK

Torrenting in the UK

Millions of people in the United Kingdom download files through torrent software such as qBitTorrent. Some analysts estimate that up to 98% of this P2P file sharing involves pirated content. The United Kingdom is part of the Five Eyes, an alliance…
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Downloading torrents in the USA

Torrenting In The USA

Can you safely visit file-sharing sites and download torrents in the United States? Before you install a BitTorrent client and start sharing files, you should explore the legal issues associated with it. Security threats, lawsuits, and reduced Internet speeds are…
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A VPN and a seedbox comparison

Seedbox vs. VPN for Torrenting

Anonymity matters in a world where the Internet is increasingly censored and restricted. If you want to protect your identity and keep your online activities private, you’ll need to rely on specialized tools and services. For torrenting especially, privacy is…
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A list of the best torrent pages for music

The Best Music Torrent Websites

Despite the popularity of music streaming apps and services, many people still enjoy downloading it through torrent sites. Downloading your favorite songs allows you to listen to music without accessing the Internet. You also get to avoid annoying commercials, buffering,…
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utorrent review

uTorrent Review

Thanks to its streamlined user interface, uTorrent remains one of the most used BitTorrent programs. Based on the original BitTorrent client, uTorrent is a tiny program that does not slow down your computer. However, it also has a few drawbacks…
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List of torrent pages with TV shows

Best Torrent Websites to Download TV Shows

TV and movie streaming apps give you access to thousands of programs, but they may not always have what you want. Even with dozens of services, you may struggle to find lost classics or cult favorite TV shows. You may…
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