NordVPN vs IPVanish

At the time of choosing a VPN, it’s normal to be undecided between these two providers. And that’s not surprising, these are 2 great VPNs that offer top security. That’s the reason for this comparison between NordVPN and IPVanish. We wanted to find out what’s the difference. Is one better than the other?

Basic Security Data

In this first head to head, they are very similar. One having more protocols available in not relevant, in our opinion. Both offer OpenVPN, and that’s the most important thing, as it is the safest protocol.

But there’s a difference that may matter to a few users. NordVPN did a better job when choosing the location of their company. They are located in Panama, far away from data retention laws and from governments that are famous for snooping, such as UK and USA. That way, they don’t have to cooperate with those entities in any way.

IPVanish is located in the USA, but keep in mind that they don’t save any user logs. If the American government asks them for user info, they won’t have anything to handle them.

Although in the end both have great security by not logging anything, we have to give a little advantage to NordVPN in this chapter. Their location ads a security layer.

Additional Features

This is the part of our NordVPN vs IPVanish comparison where you’ll see the most significant differences. They both offer must have tools, like a Kill Switch and a DNS Leak Prevention. But they also have other interesting tools available. These features were clearly introduced to increase security, in both VPNs (only in different ways).

In IPVanish, we love the free Nat Firewall, which other providers charge as an extra.  But there’s more great stuff, such as the ability to block Lan traffic. This is a great addition to the Kill Switch, making it possible to control when your computer connects to the Internet.

NordVPN did a great job with its features. They are famous for updating their software regularly, and the number of new tools is proof of that. They offer many useful features that increase anonymity, such as double encryption (Double VPN), protection against bots and malware, among others.

When it comes to features, NordVPN gets the first place. They really went the extra mile, so that their users feel safe, even the most paranoid ones.

Connection Speed

The difference in speed was almost unnoticeable. These numbers are an average of the best servers of each VPN. There was a very small advantage for IPVanish, which allowed us to maintain 97% of our Internet connection. NordVPN achieved very similar speeds, with 95% of the Internet speed we had with no VPN connection.

It’s a fact that every VPN will “eat” some internet speed. After all, the encryption consumes resources, and speed is affected. But to have such a small impact on speed is quite impressive. Most VPNs will take a bigger chunk. These two softwares are the fastest we tested, ever.

Servers and Locations

Again, a very close fight. They have servers present in approximately the same number of countries. NordVPN has an advantage in number of servers per country. Since the number of server locations is very similar, the winner of this chapter depends on where each user is. 

In the first place, you should keep in mind that it’s always safer to connect to a server in another country, but still close to you. That way you won’t have a big speed loss. With that in mind, we recommend to see the list of servers of each provider and check if there are servers in countries close by.

BitTorrent Traffic

These VPNs have a different approach regarding Torrenting. IPVanish allows BitTorrent traffic in all their servers, and NordVPN has 36 servers where it’s possible to download torrents. 

While IPVanish has higher numbers, it’s important to keep in mind that NordVPN developed and optimized servers for P2P in those 36 locations. These servers are prepared to achieve great speeds when used with BitTorrent. Both VPNs do a great job in this area, they have great download speeds.

Connections and Devices

The number of simultaneous connections is great in both providers. Obviously, IPVanish has the advantage here, offering unlimited connected devices. But one single account with NordVPN is still enough to protect a six-member family simultaneously.

Besides that, both are compatible with the main devices and Operating Systems, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, smart TVs, etc…

Subscription Price

The regular plans of each VPN aren’t that different. If we look at the annual subscription, it’s almost the same. But everything changes when we consider the discounts they are offering at the moment. NordVPN is offering a 75% discount for a 3-years plan. The difference becomes noticeable when considering this promotion.

Finally, it’s important to mention that NordVPN has a 30 day money back guarantee, against 7 days with IPVanish. Again, NordVPN takes the lead. Considering the average prices on the VPN market, it offers a great deal, especially for an extended period of 3 years.

NordVPN or IPVanish?

When we put two VPNs side by side, it’s normally easy to pick the best one. That is not the case with this comparison. These providers gave us something to think about. They both offer military grade encryption and very interesting features and options.

But still, one of them stands out. We feel that NordVPN is a better choice. The location of the company is a great detail, and the amount of features to increase security is simply impressive. The fact that it’s considerably cheaper is also very appealing.

Although some VPNs (such as IPVanish) put up a good fight, it’s very hard to beat NordVPN at this time.

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