How to Turn NordVPN on Automatically?

If you read our review of NordVPN for torrenting, you know it’s one of our favorite Virtual Private Networks. However, it’s important to remember that, if you forget to start it and connect to it, NordVPN won’t protect you.

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons torrent users leak their identity is that they forget to turn their VPNs on. That’s why it’s essential to make sure your VPN always establishes a connection, even when you forget to do it yourself.

NordVPN has an auto-connect feature that eliminates that problem. All you have to do is activate that option, and the VPN will automatically connect to a server of your choice whenever you turn your computer on.

NordVPN Auto-Connect Guide

To use the auto-connect, you need to be running the NordVPN application. After that, there are only a few steps needed:

  1. Click on “Settings” in the upper right corner of the screen
  2. Select the auto-connect tab on the left menu
  3. Enable “Always when the app launches”
  4. You havde the option to let NordVPN choose the protocol and server automatically

We suggest that you skip step 4 and select a protocol and server yourself. As always, OpenVPN (UDP) is our recommended protocol.

  1. Pick your favorite VPN protocol
  2. Select the type of server you want
  3. Choose the server location

Auto-connect Settings Example

To make things easier to understand, we’re giving you a visual guide. For the following example, I configured NorVPN to auto-connect every time I launch the app. And that connection will automatically use the following settings:

  • The OpenVPN protocol
  • A P2P server
  • A server and IP address from Canada
A screenshot showing the steps to turn the auto-connect feature on

Start NordVPN With Your Device

If you want even more freedom, you should connect to your VPN when you turn the computer on. That way, the app will automatically connect using the settings we discussed before. As opposed to automatically connecting when you start the VPN, it’ll actually connect as soon as your device starts working.

To launch NordVPN with your device, you have to:

  1. Access the “Settings” on the upper right
  2. Select the “General” tab on the left
  3. Enable “Launch at Windows startup”
The option to launch NordVPN with the device

As always, it works differently for Linux users. Just type the command “nordvpn set autoconnect on“.

Making Sure it Works

You should check if the tool is working properly before you start with your online activities. It’s very easy to verify if this tool is doing its job.

Enable “Show VPN connection status notifications”

This option is located in the “General” tab, as you can see in the image above. After it’s enabled, you will receive a notification every time NordVPN connects to a server.

Turn NordVPN OFF and ON

If you have chosen the VPN software to connect to a server when you turn the app ON, you need to make sure it’s OFF, and then turn it ON. After that, if everything is working as it should, you will receive a notification telling you the details of your successful connection.

Restart the Computer

In the case of NordVPN starting with your computer, you simply have to restart it to verify if the connection is made. Wait until the restart process finishes and your OS is running, and you should get a notification showing you the VPN connection details.


Yes. A P2P server means that it allows torrenting. But it’s not limited to that. You can still do everything else, such as browsing the web.

P2P servers are available in some countries only. If you have selected P2P, you will only see the locations where torrenting is allowed.

No. The level of online privacy and anonymity will be the same as a manual connection. The difference is that you won’t always have to remember to connect to a server before going online.