The Best Music Torrent Websites

Despite the popularity of music streaming apps and services, many people still enjoy downloading it through torrent sites.

Downloading your favorite songs allows you to listen to music without accessing the Internet. You also get to avoid annoying commercials, buffering, and limited song selections.

So, where do you find your tunes? Start with the websites we consider to have the best selection and quality.

1. Soundpark

A website to download music only

Soundpark is a dedicated music file-sharing site. It does not host torrents for other types of content, giving you access to a large database with just music.

To start looking for your favorite artists or bands, use the search bar. It's possible to find almost any song, album, or compilation. The site even has torrents for complete discographies of various artists.

One of the reasons to use a torrent archive website for music is to find lossless files. Soundpark has a section devoted to lossless audio. Look for FLAC, WAV, and AIFF audio files for studio-quality sound.

Along with songs, there is a collection of music videos. The website helps you discover new tracks, thanks to its featured categories. Soundpark offers recommendations for the video of the month, top albums, new releases, and much more.

As with many torrent-hosting websites, Soundpark shuts down a lot. You may need to try a variety of domain names before finding the current site.


RuTracker and its huge torrent archive

RuTracker attracts millions of visitors each month and has over 13 million registered users. The developers are based in Russia where the site remains blocked. However, people in North America should have no problem finding it.

If you can't access the website, use a VPN service, which you should use anyway when torrenting. The VPN helps bypass geo-restrictions, allowing you to visit RuTracker and other blocked sites.

This is not a dedicated music site, but it has a massive catalog of audio files. It divides them into categories and offers a search bar. You have almost any song or album that exists at your reach.

The one drawback to this site is the registration process. RuTracker requires your email before you start downloading. That's not good for some users because most people want to remain anonymous.

But there is a turnaround to avoid the registration step. You just have to copy the magnet links instead of directly downloading the file. That way, you will find the music you are looking for without needing to give your mail.

3. iDope

A search engine to find audio torrents

Unlike the previous trackers we just saw, iDope does not host torrents. It is a search engine that crawls other websites. Using the search bar, you can look for just about anything. On top of that, there's even a section dedicated to music.

Besides finding content from other sites, iDope respects your privacy. It does not track your browsing history or bombard you with ads and pop-ups.

Overall, this is one of the easiest sites to use for finding music torrents. It has a streamlined user interface, with a search bar and category lists. Thanks to the simple interface, it's very easy to navigate on mobile devices as well.

You also should not have any trouble visiting the website. While governments block many torrent archiving pages, iDope remains accessible in most countries.


Waffles is a private torrent tracker specializing in music. The developers created this site after the closure of Oink, another popular archive dedicated to audio. While Waffles specializes in sound files, it also has audiobooks, apps, and comics.

As a private tracker, you need to register before using it. However, after that, you get access to thousands of albums and individual tracks. You will mostly get high-quality 320kbps files and lossless FLAC audio.

Interestingly, Waffles also gives back to the community. The team behind it hosts charity drives and promotes donations for various causes.

Some people may not enjoy the ratio-based trackers and invite-only access. When you use this site, you need to fully seed the files that you leech or risk getting banned. If those restrictions do not deter you, it's easy to find just about any song released. The torrent music archive has a considerable amount of both old classics and the latest hits.

5. searching files on private trackers is another meta-search engine that gives you access to the files hosted on various private trackers. However, it includes many extra features.

It is possible to view various lists of similar sites. For example, you can find a breakdown of the current top sites for downloading music. It also displays a trends graph showcasing popular queries.

Besides “,” the site also uses the “” domain. The meta-search engine indexes its results from over 600 sites, ranking them based on rating and traffic. tracks 1337x, RarBG, and other popular sources like The Pirate Bay. If you are not able to find your favorite tracker, you can easily add it before searching for music.

Just like others in this list, this is not a dedicated music torrent database. Users can use it to get any type of content, including TV shows, movies, and comics.


A simple interface to find recent tunes

Browsing reminds users of popular tunes streaming services. Instead of a bland category list, you get a visually appealing interface.

The album covers have large thumbnails and the music is organized by genres. Unfortunately, there isn't a search bar available.

The home page includes a list of the most recent uploads. You will then navigate the site to view older uploads or click on one of the genres. As with the home page, the individual genre pages remain sorted by upload date.

When you select the album you want, the site often presents a track list and other details. After clicking on it, you are then able to download the file and add it to your preferred BitTorrent client.

In the end, the interface is simple and easy to browse, but you may struggle to find specific albums. It's also safe to browse and does not contain any pop-up ads.

7. MixTape Torrent

A collection of mixtape torrents

MixTape Torrent does not have the latest tracks from the top of the charts. But it hosts torrent files mixtapes, remixes, and DJ tracks.

While this site does not have mass appeal, DJs should find it useful for discovering music and remixes. You are also able to upload your own mixtapes.

To search for mixtapes, you will use the top bar or browse categories, lists or tags. When you find a mixtape that you want to download, the site displays a track list and the torrent size. You also get a list of recommendations for similar mixtapes.

Downloading Music in a Safe Way

You now have seven sites dedicated to music, but before you start downloading MP3s, consider using a VPN. It offers far greater anonymity compared to using your real IP address.

These are some suggestions of VPN providers that work well with torrents:

Find Almost Any Song Ever Recorded

Each of the websites listed provides access to music torrents. Some of the websites host the files while others provide a search engine for finding the albums you want.

RuTracker and iDope have the highest amount of trackers, increasing the chances of finding rare albums or songs. With Soundpark, you get a streamlined interface for discovering new artists.