The Location of the VPN Company

Where the VPN is based

The location where a VPN company is based can have a huge impact on your privacy. It’s important to choose a VPN provider located in a “friendly country“, to eliminate any risk of having your activity exposed.

Countries with Data Retention Laws

The place where the VPN is based is the most important details to remember. Countries like the US and UK have data retention laws. In other words, the government of those countries can request user details to the VPN company. In that case, the VPN has to comply.

A good VPN doesn’t save their user’s activity logs. That way, they won’t have any user logs available to give those governments. But if they request any other kind of data, such as user contact info, the VPNs located in this kind of countries have to obey.

Government trying to monitor user activityThat’s why it’s important to choose a VPN that is based in a country with no data retention laws. In that case, the government of that country won’t be asking for any data or trying to snoop on the activity of users through the VPN company. And if foreign government agencies ask for any information, the VPN company does not have to cooperate with them. Thanks to the fact that it’s a different country, with no retention laws, the VPN would be in their right to refuse any kind of cooperation. Let’s have a look at a specific example:

NordVPN is a logless VPN located in Panama. Since this is a country with no data retention laws, this VPN provider knows that the government from Panama won’t request anything. And if one of the governments of the famous big sharks (like the USA) asks for user info, NordVPN won’t have to cooperate with them.

Final notes

It would be unfair to say that all VPN providers located in countries with these laws are bad VPNs. There are actually a few good ones in such countries that don’t save any user data, which gives us some peace of mind. A good example is PIA VPN, which is located in the USA, but at the same time, it has a strict no logging policy.

Our main point is that choosing a VPN with a neutral location will give you an extra layer of security. It’s always better to know that there is no law that makes your VPN provider cooperate with a government interested in your activity.

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