Ivacy VPN for Torrenting

This is one of the most recent additions to our list of VPNs. When it comes to torrenting, Ivacy VPN stands out from the crowd thanks to recent updates that greatly improved the software. As always, we tested everything that concerns file sharing, such as safety details, download speed and extra safety features.

Safety and Privacy

Ivacy VPN is based in Singapore, which means it’s outside the range of governments that are known to be very active in monitoring user activity, such as the US and UK. Being outside this kind of areas is important because the data retention laws from such places don’t apply there. If those governments ask for user’s activity to Ivacy VPN, they do not have to comply with such requests.

Most importantly, Ivacy has a zero logging policy, meaning it doesn’t save the activity from their users. This provides another layer of security. Even if Ivacy had to comply with a request of a government, there wouldn’t be anything to show them, as they do not save any logs. Such policy is of extreme importance for torrenters who want to make sure they are anonymous.

The protocols available are OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and IKEv2 and StealthVPN. OpenVPN is the protocol we recommend because we consider it to be the safest. The encryption for OpenVPN is AES 256 bits, which the highest available.

The software

The software is very simple and easy it is to use. The VPN connection can be made with the click of a button, which makes things very simple. From this main window, the settings menu can be accessed on the top.

Ivacy VPN software


In the settings menu, all the features are organized in an intelligent manner. As you can see, they are available in the same window, and the user does not have to wonder around searching for different options.

Features of the software

At the top of the menu, you can find the General Settings, which are present in the majority of VPN softwares. These are options that make the software easier to use, such as starting the software automatically. Right after, there’s the protocol selection. They offer the possibility of choosing “Automatic”, which means the software will choose the best protocol for your connection. But if the user wants a specific protocol, such as OpenVPN UDP, it can also be selected.

We like that the Ivacy VPN has all the most important features that a good VPN should include, especially for torrenting. Those are at the bottom of the window, and a simple tick will activate each one of them. We recommend having these three features activated. Because these options are so important, let’s have a quick look at each one of them:

Secure DNS

Basically, the secure DNS (also known as the DNS leak prevention) avoids any DNS leaks. It makes sure the DNS requests are routed through the VPN DNS servers, and not your ISP’s. This kind of exposure happens more times than people think. The problem is that sometimes Windows uses the default servers, which are the ISP DNS servers. This option assures that such situation doesn’t happen.

IPV6 Leak Protection

A couple of years ago, some research showed that many VPN services were leaking through IPv6 traffic. It is possible to disable IPv6 manually in your Windows settings, but this option gives you the tranquility of not having to modify anything and be sure there are no leaks.

Internet Kill Switch

This one is a must-have feature for file sharing. In a few words, there’s a possibility that a VPN crashes and stops working, just like any other software. If the VPN is not working, then your connection is not made through an encrypted tunnel anymore. In other words, it’s a normal connection again and you are exposed. But if the Kill Switch is activated, every time the VPN software crashes or stops working, the Internet connection will be interrupted, and your real IP won’t be exposed.

Split Tunneling

On the next window, there is an interesting option. The split tunneling can be useful for some users who want their normal connection to do some things, and the VPN encrypted connection to do others.

Let’s see an example: in the image bellow I have chosen the apps uTorrent and Steam to run through the VPN. This means that these two programs use an encrypted and secure connection, and also the IP of the VPN. On the other hand, all the other online activities, such as browsing and skype, use a normal connection and my real IP. All the programs can be added to this list, one by one, in order to include them in the split tunneling.

Ivacy split tunneling

Security Tests

DNS Leak test: The Secure DNS did a great job. No leaks were registered in our several tests.

IP Test: The detected IP always matched to the one provided by the VPN, never our real one.

Torrent address detection test: We downloaded test files and the IP registered in the torrent tracker was also the one from the VPN.

Speed Tests

The speed is one of the things that continues improving in Ivacy. We were very satisfied with great speeds on many servers. These were the results we achieved with Ivacy VPN:

Test without a secure VPN connection
Without VPN

Ivacy VPN speed test
Connected to Ivacy VPN (OpenVPN protocol)

Torrent Speed Test

Torrent file download without vpn
Without VPN
Torrenting speed test with Ivacy
Connected to Ivacy VPN (OpenVPN protocol)

Having a minimum impact on the speed of the Internet connection is a promise that few VPNs can keep. And when the objective is to use the VPN for BitTorrent, this becomes one of the most important factors. Fortunately, Ivacy did a great job in our extensive testing. We achieved great speeds in many servers, even servers that are very distant from where we are located.

If you want to know a bit more how we performed these tests, please check our details about the speed tests.

Server selection

Choosing a server is simple. On the main window, press the country, and you will see a new window with different selection options. It’s possible to choose by purpose, by country and even by city. Naturally, the most useful method for us is by “Purpose”. After clicking on it, there will be a list of purposes, as you can see in the image below. The last one is “Torrenting” and it’s the one relevant for our Ivacy VPN review. Click on that option and you will see all the countries where P2P is allowed.

Selecting Ivacy VPN servers

Server locations

There’s a total of 250 servers spread in 52 countries. Like some VPN providers, Ivacy decided to have torrent optimized servers and allow file sharing on those. In other words, torrenting is allowed in 29 countries. The servers in those locations are optimized for BitTorrent, and they achieve very fast speeds. Also, they are spread around the world, in every continent. That way, users can find nearby servers for their downloads.


Platforms compatible with Ivacy VPN

The software is compatible with the main platforms and devices. But that’s not all, they allow 5 simultaneous connections. This is enough to connect all your devices at the same time. There are enough connections to protect an entire family.


Ivacy VPN price

The price is one of the strong points of Ivacy VPN. As it happens with most software, the longer subscriptions have a bigger price reduction. But unlike the one year plans offered by most providers, Ivacy offers a two years plan, for a total of $49. This is a very afordable price, specially if you consider that it’s for two years, the double of a traditional VPN plan.

The most common payment methods are available, such as Bitcoin, Credit card and Paypal. In case the user is not satisfied with the service, it’s possible to ask for a refund during the first 7 days.

What we like about Ivacy VPN

  • No logging policy
  • Modern encryption (256 bit AES)
  • Shared IP addresses
  • Torrenting optimized servers
  • Kill Switch
  • Secure DNS
  • Split tunneling
  • Very easy to use
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • 7 days money back guarantee

What could be improved

Although this is a software with many positive marks, there’s always a suggestion to make things better. At the moment, this is our suggestion for improvement:

  • As we mentioned, there’s a 7 days money back guarantee, which is good. But if the user exceeds 7 GB bandwidth during the first 7 days, then he his no longer entitled to a refund. It would be nice if the refund policy had no limits.


Ivacy is becoming a very  popular name in the VPN world, especially when we talk about file sharing. The last updates changed this software and made it a proper VPN to download files anonymously. They even included optimized servers for torrenting, which is great for this type of users. Having features that increase security, such as a Kill Switch and a Secure DNS, is also a big plus for this VPN. If we combine that with a very decent price, the result can only be a very good VPN provider. The quality-price ratio is one of the best we saw in the market. In the end, Ivacy is worthy of a place on our list of recommendations.

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