Prevent your torrenting activity from leaking

Many users think that they are downloading torrents anonymously, but sometimes that's not the case. There are some details that can give you away, even when you don't realize it. Let's have a look at the steps you can do to avoid any leakage in your torrenting activity.

1 – Use a VPN

If you are reading this post, then you are probably a VPN user and you can skip to the next step. In case you are not one yet, then check our list of recommended VPNs.

This is actually what our website is about: the best Virtual Private Networks for Torrenting. It's the best way of being completely hidden from entities that are trying to spy on you. It hides your real IP and encrypts your connection. Not even your ISP can see what you are doing or downloading.

2 – Use your VPN at all times

There are a lot of users who only use the VPN for the torrent download. What they don't realize is that torrent websites are being monitored as well. These users go to these pages without a VPN connection and although they are not downloading yet, they are giving a clue of their activity. Any entities monitoring that site will have a pretty good idea of what they are doing. From that moment, it will be easier to identify them.

If you want anonymity, then we recommend to go to those webpages after turning your VPN on. That way, you will have an encrypted connection. Actually, you should turn your VPN on at the beginning of each session. It doesn't hurt to be protected at all times.

3 – Activate safety options in your VPN

The most important tool you should activate in your VPN settings is the Kill Switch. Every decent VPN has this option available. It basically kills your Internet connection in case the VPN stops working. That way, it avoids your real IP from being exposed while the VPN is not working.

Another good feature to activate is the DNS Leak prevention. This one makes sure that all your DNS requests are made through the VPN servers, and not your ISP's. This is useful to prevent your ISP from knowing the pages you visit. If  you have a DNS leakage, they will know that you are visiting torrent websites. And as you may have heard lately, more and more ISPs are giving away private information from their users to governments. Better to play it safe!

4 – Test your torrenting anonymity

Finally, after making sure you follow our tips, test if you are not exposed when downloading a torrent file. The website doileak is one of our favorites. Besides testing all the possible leaking areas, this site also test if your torrenting activity is exposed. You only have to tick the “Activate additional Torrent Tests” option on the main page and follow the instructions.