Fastest VPN for Torrenting

Th fastest VPN for torrentingEvery VPN affects the connections speed, that is the price to pay for having an encrypted connection. Some VPNs will have a minimum bump and maintain a similar speed of your original Internet connection. But other VPN softwares will take a big chunk and slow your connection down.

Naturally, for many VPN users, speed is the most important thing, especially when it comes to downloading torrent files. It’s actually one of the most requested questions from You, our readers.  So we are sharing the top 3 fastest VPN for torrenting, according to our test results.

The highest speed VPN for torrents

Most of IPVanish servers achieved very fast speeds. It was actually the fastest VPN we tested. The second place was very close, but IPVanish was still got the first place. The torrenting speed was very high, in general we maintained about 97% of our normal Internet speed.

A great choice with optimized servers

NordVPN is one of the fastest VPNs to use with the BitTorrent protocol. It came second in our testing, not far from the first place. One thing that we enjoy is the fact that there are optimized servers for torrenting. Those servers are developed with that objective in mind, which makes them fast and stable to download torrent files. In average, we kept 95% of our Internet speed.

A very decent VPN for fast torrenting

ExpressVPN is new on this list. They have been improving a software that is already top notch, and speed is where this progress is the most noticeable. It’s definitely a VPN provider to consider when the main goal is getting good torrenting speeds. We kept 93% of our connection speed.

A final note on the fastest VPNs for Torrents

The speed is extremely important, no doubts about it. But you should also keep in mind that there are other factors to consider, such as features and encryption. In case you want to read more in detail about each one of these providers, feel free to check our VPN reviews.