ExpressVPN Discount

We are happy to announce that our readers now have an ExpressVPN discount. To be more precise, it’s an extended subscription. In other words, when buying the yearly plan, our readers get 3 extra months, for free!

ExpressVPN is not as cheap as some other VPNs, but that happens for a reason. It’s one of those cases where you get what you pay for. Fortunately, this discount brings the price down considerably. With this extra time, it makes an average of $6.67 per month. In case you were hesitating because of the price, then this is a good opportunity. Just make sure you click here to activate the promotion.

This is a great all-around VPN, and users get this software for different reasons, such as streaming or unblocking restricted content. One of the most frequent reasons is to use this VPN with the BitTorrent protocol. Torrenting with ExpressVPN is very simple, there are no bandwidth or speed limitations. Just turn the VPN on and you are free to start downloading.

We hope you enjoy this ExpressVPN discount. After all, paying 12 months and receiving 15 is something you don’t see every day in this market. Especially with softwares that have the quality of this VPN.