Best Torrent Websites to Download Ebooks

A list of torrent websites to get ebooks

In the past, if you wanted to download ebooks through a BitTorrent client, you needed to visit popular torrenting sites.

Because of copyright content, ISPs and government agencies monitor traffic to these sites. Some of them are also getting shut down and then quickly replaced by clones. You never know when you are visiting the real site or a malicious clone. A safer option is to find a torrenting site dedicated to ebooks.

The following seven torrent websites provide the largest selections of ebooks, magazines, and comics for download through a torrent client.

1. Book-Share

A torrent site with millions of titles

Book-Share has a simple layout, search bar, and category menu. It’s easy to browse millions of titles, including many bestsellers. You should have no problem finding the most popular authors along with more obscure titles.

Currently, it has over 4,000,000 titles, making it one of the largest sites. Using the search bar, there is an option to search based on author, subject, or title. It is also one of the few options that have popular books for free. The latest releases from big-name authors are often accessible.

The one issue is that you need to download from third party sites. You do not get a torrent file or magnet link. The redirects and ads also raise red flags. However, if you are careful about the buttons you click on, this website offers a convenient option for downloading popular ebooks.

2. ManyBooks

A torrent page that is easy to navigate

ManyBooks offers access to over 50,000 titles. It gives you a streamlined interface and several extra features to help you discover new ones. The clean web design makes it easy to browse in a variety of categories. Keep in mind that most of the content is from independent publishers. There’s also a large selection of classics.

While you may not find the latest book from the most famous authors, you get a nice selection in various genres. One of the more interesting features is the author interviews. You can learn more about the people behind the most popular books.

When you click on a title, you may read an excerpt, choose to read online or select a format for download. Many are available in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, or AZW, ensuring that you will get a version supported by your device.


A site with many popular authors available

EBOOKEE includes thousands of titles from popular authors and independent publishers. It has convenient categories for organizing them, such as entertainment, business, technology, or health. There are also magazines available.

As with many torrent sites, you do not have multiple format options, unless the user uploaded multiple formats. And because the users are the ones providing the torrent files, the quality of the uploads varies.

The pages are not very easy to navigate and only include lists, instead of thumbnail images of the covers. Despite these drawbacks, it’s possible to discover a wide assortment of ebooks. If you cannot find a specific ebook on another site, try searching on this one.

It also allows you to download titles directly, instead of needing a program. If you prefer to use BitTorrent software, you just have to copy the download link.

4. Planet EBOOK

An option for classic books

The available names include some of the most beloved classics. Unfortunately, you will not find the latest bestsellers on this site. The site only includes torrent files for public domain ebooks. The layout is also a little confusing and hard to navigate. However, you are getting them for free.

The advantage of using Planet-EBOOK is quality. Most versions of the classics uploaded are carefully scanned copies. The text is clear and easy to read. You can also choose PDF, EPUB, or MOBI versions, depending on the device you plan to use for reading the eBooks.

It includes torrent files and magnet links, giving you two separate download options for your BitTorrent client. Overall, this is the best option for those who want high-quality copies of classic titles.

5. Wikibooks

Ebooks available in different languages

Wikibooks takes its design from Wikipedia and other Wiki sites, including the ability to switch languages. There is the possibility of selecting English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, or Portuguese language titles.

It does not offer a lot of fiction. Most of the books fall into the technical or education categories. It offers textbooks, technical guides, recipes, and more.

The English version of the page currently has over 3,000 user uploaded files. You can immediately start reading directly on the site, as if browsing a Wikipedia article.

When you visit the main page for an ebook, a sidebar lets you know if it is available for download. Most of them include PDF copies that you can download without the need for BitTorrent software.

6. Smashwords

A website with ebooks from independent authors

Smashwords may not contain the latest bestsellers, but it does offer a growing collection from small publishers and independent authors. If you have your own ebook, you can upload it to this site.

They claim to offer the largest selection of indie ebooks. Smashwords organizes them into convenient categories, including different genres and new releases.

While there are many free titles available, a large portion of them cost money. Unlike the other sites in this list, Smashwords is a legitimate eCommerce site that sells ebooks. You should not exclude the paid ones, as they offer frequent deals and discounts.

7. Tech Books for Free

Torrent ebooks about technology

Rounding out the list is Tech Books for Free. This webpage is all about the tech category. It’s possible to find technical guides, college course books, and others related to the fields of computer, science, and technology.

It looks outdated and does not include any special features. It even lacks a search bar and responsive web design. Despite the basic layout, it has technical ebooks that you may not find on other torrent sites. Many are incredibly expensive to purchase, giving you a simple way to save money while completing your education.

Tech Books for Freee does not host the files. When you find a title and click on the link, it redirects you to another site where you can view or download the file.

Use a VPN to Safely Download ebooks

These seven sites provide massive lists containing eBook torrent files, but downloading them may put you at risk. If you do not use a VPN, your downloads are visible to your ISP or other snoopers interested in your activity.

ISPs may cap your bandwidth or cancel your services. To reduce this risk, ensure that you use a VPN to remain anonymous. These services and software encrypt traffic, hide your IP address, and provide safe methods for privately downloading eBooks through a BitTorrent client.

Here are a few suggestions of VPNs that work well with BitTorrent traffic:

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