What is the NordVPN CyberSec Feature?

As you know, a VPN helps keep your online activity completely hidden. Your IP address gets masked behind a secure server and all data gets transmitted. While these services are incredibly useful, they may not protect you against malware and suspicious ads.

One of the top VPN providers offers an extra feature to address this issue. NordVPN includes CyberSec, which is an ad blocker and anti-malware solution. If you are want to enjoy increased privacy combined with fewer ads and malware, you should definitely explore this feature.

What Is CyberSec and Where Do You Get it?

CyberSec is a feature that comes with the standard NordVPN package. All current and future customers who choose at least the standard VPN plan can use this feature on their computers.

The new feature performs two basic functions. It blocks annoying ads, which are also one of the biggest sources of malware, and it filters malicious websites.

The browser extensions that you get with your anti-virus software are not the most effective solutions for blocking ads and malware. They still allow threats to slip through.

With CyberSec, you get added protection on the network level. When this feature is enabled, traffic must first pass through the CyberSec filter before getting encrypted and sent to your computer.

If you want to enable this feature, you simply need to access the settings tab of your NordVPN software. As mentioned, it is available to any user with a standard subscription.

Turning the CyberSec feature on

CyberSec Helps Block Adware with a Built-in Ad Blocker

The CyberSec feature helps get rid of those annoying ads and auto-loading videos. Pop-up ads are the biggest source of malware. You need to interact with the website to close the pop-up, which makes it easier for hackers to plant a virus on your computer.

The new security feature analyzes every website that you visit and the computers that you connect to. It can read the code before it gets sent to your browser, allowing NordVPN to filter out the pop-up ads and videos.

Prevent Access to Websites That May Contain Malware

Along with the ad blocker, CyberSec keeps you safe by blocking access to potentially harmful websites. There are several organizations and agencies that maintain lists of websites identified as possibly containing malware. The security feature uses these lists to prevent you from accessing these sites.

When you type a URL into your browser or click on a link, the CyberSec feature compares the address to the lists of blocked websites. If the software finds a match, you will be blocked before connecting to the website.

You will get a message warning you that the website has been identified as a potential threat. Besides keeping you from downloading malware, this security feature helps to keep you from becoming a victim of phishing scams.

Quickly Detect and Stop Botnets and DDoS Attacks

The CyberSec feature can even protect you after you have already downloaded malware. If your computer becomes part of a botnet or a DDoS attack, CyberSec will quickly cancel the connection.

A botnet refers to a network of infected computers running malicious code. It allows hackers to pool the resources of several computers to complete their hacking activities. These botnets are most often used for DDoS attacks.

As the risk of DDoS attacks and other malicious activity increases, features such as CyberSec become even more useful for the average user.

Final Notes

Overall, the CyberSec feature is incredibly beneficial. The feature comes bundled with the NordVPN software no matter which subscription plan you choose to use. It also works on all devices, including Windows or MacOS computers and Android or iOS mobile devices.

While the normal NordVPN service mask your IP address and allow you to browse anonymously, this new feature is an addition that helps reduce the risk of malware. There is no reason not to use this feature when browsing the Internet.

It can even be helpful for your search for torrent files. Many popular torrent websites are filled with intrusive ads that look very suspicious. Such tools improve the torrent search experience by removing doubtful popups and malware that normally make users run away.

As a bonus, the ad-blocking feature may help increase page loading speeds. With the CyberSec feature turned on, websites with a lot of ads and auto-loading videos should load more quickly.