Conflicts Between a VPN and Antivirus

You take the best precautions to protect your devices, such as your computer. At the same time, you also want to protect your privacy from hacking, spyware, and monitoring by your ISP and other parties. You chose the best antivirus software and a reliable VPN; you should be all set, right?

Unfortunately, sometimes your two most effective tools can work against each other. Usually, there is a quick fix, a simple tweak can allow your antivirus and your VPN to work together. Let’s look at some possible problems and solutions when running an antivirus and a VPN at the same time.

Antivirus SSL Settings

While a good antivirus will offer SSL monitoring functions, this setting will need to be tweaked for you to run your VPN. Many antivirus softwares will block port 443, the very port your VPN needs for its SSL connection.

In your antivirus settings, look for the SSL monitoring tab. This can be toggled from inactive to active SSL monitoring. Make sure to set it to inactive and your VPN should be able to run.

Antivirus Firewalls

You may need to adjust your antivirus software’s firewall settings to run your VPN. Every company will design firewalls differently. But some advanced softwares includes a setting called “whitelist”. Add the VPN to this list before running it. That way, it will never have a chance to recognize the VPN as a threat to be blocked. If your antivirus doesn’t have a whitelist feature, you may be able to simply reset the firewall.

Site Advisors

Antivirus software will often come with a website advisor. These are very useful tools to let you explore your VPN’s reliability, especially if you are trying to use a free version. Don’t ignore a red flag warning from your antivirus when you are downloading your VPN software or any related apps.

VPN Firewalls

Many of the more reliable VPNs will offer website advisors and firewalls of their own. While these aren’t as comprehensive as an actual antivirus, they do offer an extra layer of security.


It's important to configure your VPN and Antivirus in order to make them work well together. Not doing so can compromise your device's performance. The measures we mentioned above should be enough to make them run perfectly at the same time.