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Cheapest VPN for torrents

For some users, the price can be a decider on which VPN to choose. Many times, those users go with suspicious free VPNs, which can be dangerous and compromise their anonymity. So we made this list with a selection of the most affordable and reliable Virtual Private Networks to download torrents anonymously. If you are on a tight budget, check out the following options we selected.

PureVPN two year plan

PureVPN is a provider with interesting and original features at a decent price. The 2 years subscription is offered with a price reduction of 73% comparing to single month plan. In other words, the whole period of 24 months costs $70.8, which means $35.04 per year. This makes a monthly value of $2.95.

NordVPN discount

NordVPN is currently offering a promotional coupon for the 2 year plan that cuts off 73% from the original value, and that gave them a place in this list. You can access that promotion on the button below. The total amount for 2 years is $79, meaning $39.5 per year, or a monthly cost of$3.29. We see this discount as a great deal, considering the quality of this VPN.

yearly plan of Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access, or PIA, as it’s mostly known, is another low cost VPN that many users trust. PIA offers a yearly plan at $39.95, or $3.33 per month. At the moment they don’t have a longer plan than one year, but the price for this period is more than fair.

We also want to clarify that we didn’t just pick these softwares only because they are cheap. These providers are all on our list of recommended VPNs and they were tested extensively. But on that list, the price was not the main ranking factor. On this list of cheap VPN to download torrents, the selection was made considering the price of the software.

As new opportunities appear on the market, and new deals and promotions are available, we will update this page immediately. So you can be sure that the prices you see here are never outdated.

We hope this selection is useful for you. In case you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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