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The best websites to download torrent files, organized by subjects, such as tv shows and music. We also make lists of torrent pages that are alternatives to the most popular ones, so users always have options to find the files they are looking for.

The Best Torrent Search Engines

The best search engines to look for torrents
File-sharing sites come and go frequently. Because of lawsuits and legal challenges, these websites are constantly shutting down. This makes it difficult to keep track of the best sources for torrents. Torrent search engines provide a solution. You use these pages as…

The Best Torrentz Alternatives

List of Torrentz alternatives
Torrentz was a popular meta-search engine, providing results from a couple hundred different file-sharing websites. It allowed users to look for just about anything without needing to visit multiple sites. Unfortunately, as with many of these sites, Torrentz shut down. The replacement,…

The Best Music Torrent Websites

A list of the best torrent pages for music
Despite the popularity of music streaming apps and services, many people still enjoy downloading it through torrent sites. Downloading your favorite songs allows you to listen to music without accessing the Internet. You also get to avoid annoying commercials, buffering,…

Are Torrent Webites Safe?

How safe are torrent sites?
File-sharing is a controversial topic that created a huge grey area of uncertainty. We do know that torrent trackers are under monitoring by ISPs and copyright agencies. But things are not so simple when it comes to torrent webpages, the…

Best Torrent Sites

The best torrent sites
Because of the constant shutdown of some torrent pages, many of our readers wonder what are the best ones right now. A couple of famous torrent sites were shut down over the last few years. But, as some close down,…