BitTorrent Client Review

Anyone who has decided to take a closer look at the world of torrenting will most likely come across BitTorrent at some point. This protocol is an excellent way to download and share files, and it continues to be one of the most popular torrenting tools in the world. With some basic hardware and the BitTorrent software, you are going to have access to countless files from millions of users.

The Official BitTorrent Software

As for BitTorrent itself, this is essentially a sharing protocol that connects you to other users. When you download the official BitTorrent client, it is often bundled with a variety of other apps. That bloatware generally isn’t going to be harmful, but many people would like to avoid it.

The basic account is completely free to use, and bundling this software with apps like Avast is one of the only ways that the organization is going to stay afloat.

After you download and install BitTorrent, it will immediately ask you to upgrade to a Pro account. That is another way that the company attempts to make money off this tool, and upgrading your account might be a good option if you want to remove ads or enjoy the benefits of built-in antimalware.


One of the reasons why BitTorrent has become such a popular option among those who torrent is because it is extremely easy to use. You might feel overwhelmed at first, but the initial settings should only take a few minutes to configure.

Within the software itself, you can choose where the downloaded files are sent and which types of links should be opened automatically. You also have the option of setting bandwidth restrictions, and that is going to be very important in certain situations. If you have data caps on your Internet usage or you plan on using private torrenting trackers, then you might need to adjust the bandwidth for your uploads and downloads.

Another great tool that many people might want to use is the scheduled bandwidth cap. Torrenting could potentially bring your network to a grinding halt, and that is why you can adjust the total allotted bandwidth depending on the time of day. When everyone is home and multiple people are using the Internet, the allotted bandwidth can be dropped to the bare minimum.

Luckily, once those initial few settings are configured, you might never have to open the BitTorrent app again. As long as BitTorrent is the default app for torrent files, then it should open and download files automatically. You will only have to open the app if you want to adjust settings such as where the downloaded files are sent or what the caps will be on uploads and downloads.

The Perks of BitTorrent Pro

While the basic BitTorrent app is an excellent piece of software, there are quite a few reasons why you might want to upgrade to a BitTorrent Pro account. Many people upgrade to the Pro account simply to avoid all of the ads that are in the app. Basic accounts don’t have intrusive pop-ups, but the ads are everywhere.

Once you upgrade to Pro, every single ad in the desktop and mobile apps will be removed. As an added bonus, the Pro account also has built-in antivirus software. That piece of software will automatically scan files as they are being downloaded and unpacked. If it notices any potential threats, then it can quarantine the file and ask you for further instructions.

Finally, BitTorrent Pro has an HD media player within the client itself. That media player will allow you to easily watch videos as they are being downloaded. It is also compatible with a wide variety of photo and music file types. Those who are going to watch media files on other devices can automatically convert them so that they look better on mobile screens or larger TVs.

Don’t Forget About Security

This protocol is a great option for those who want access to a wide variety of files, but you should always get a VPN before you start any type of downloading. You never know which organizations are tracking your internet habits.

A VPN will give you an extra layer of protection and encrypt all of the data that you are downloading and uploading. With a high-quality VPN and the official BitTorrent client, you can safely enjoy the many benefits of torrenting.

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