Is Betternet Suitable to Download Torrents?

If you are searching for a free VPN service to download torrents, you will likely come across Betternet. Millions of people use this VPN, but is it safe? Free VPNs tend to include several security issues, such as an increased risk of malware and lack of protection.

Without the privacy that you expect from a VPN, your ISP may track your activity, including your torrenting activity. Instead of risking exposure, you should ensure that you select a reliable VPN. And Betternet may not be the right choice.

What Is Betternet VPN?

Launched in 2015, Betternet has quickly increased its user base, thanks to its free service. The VPN app is available on most platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Besides offering a free service for a variety of devices, Betternet provides a few other advantages:

  • Simple interface
  • Standard encryption
  • No logging policy

This VPN has a streamlined interface and simple installation process. After downloading and installing the app, you simply click “connect” and the service takes care of the rest.

The company also uses the standard encryption used by most VPN providers – 128-bit encryption over IPSec and 256-bit AES encryption over OpenVPN protocol. However, it is unclear which encryption it uses and when.

Another positive feature is the no-logging policy. This means the company does not keep a log of your activity. Unfortunately, Betternet VPN also has several drawbacks, mostly related to security concerns.

Risks of Using Betternet VPN

Although Betternet has some positive elements, it doesn’t mean it’s a suitable VPN for torrenting. In order to be considered safe, a VPN should have a combination of security features. Unfortunately, it’s not the case with this provider. Before using the software, you should review its potential dangers.

If you choose one of the paid plans, you may avoid a few of these disadvantages. The premium plan includes access to more servers, which may increase speeds, and 24/7 customer support.

Risk of Malware

In the first place, Betternet is getting famous for bringing an increased risk of malware. In fact, in a recent study, this service ranked number four in a list of the 10 apps most likely to inject malware.

Study of VPNs that inject malware

While there is no proof that Betternet has engaged in nefarious practices, the fact that it appears on this list is troubling.

No DNS Leak Protection

All the VPNs recommended for torrenting include DNS leak protection. This helps protect information that others may use to track your activity.

Betternet VPN does not offer DNS leak protection. Without this safety measure, there is a chance that your ISP or any eavesdroppers may see the sites that you visit or the torrents that you try to download.

DNS leaks are a common problem. One report found that 84% of VPN apps available on the Google Play Store leaked DNS requests.

Risk of Dropped Connections

Unfortunately, Betternet VPN brings an increased risk of dropped connections. As mentioned, it is a popular service with millions of users, but only a few servers.

During peak usage, you may experience much slower speeds and the potential for a dropped connection. When you lose the connection, you no longer have the protection of a VPN.

No Kill Switch

The lack of such a feature is related to what we just mentioned in the previous paragraph. It kills your Internet activity when you experience a dropped connection. Your ISP won’t be able to see your activity when you are not secured by the VPN. This is a security tool that you want to have active at all times, especially when using a BitTorrent client.

This tool is the way how VPNs usually deal with dropped connections. Again, Betternet VPN does not include a kill switch. If the connection drops, you risk exposing your torrenting activity.

Located in Canada

While Betternet VPN has a no logging policy, the company is located in Canada. This is one of the “five eyes countries.” These countries have laws that allow authorities to request user data from companies.

The company must comply if a government agency requests data from Betternet VPN. Unfortunately, the privacy policy is vague in describing what data it collects. Basically, you have no way of knowing what information Betternet tracks.

Other Disadvantages

Apart from serious security risks, there are other disadvantages when using Betternet for torrenting:

Slow Speeds

Betternet VPN providing slow connection speed

Advertisements and malware may not keep you from downloading torrents, but slow speeds and a lack of protection may. Using a VPN service often results in lower speeds, as all traffic needs encrypting and passage through one or more servers. With Betternet, you get horrendous speeds compared to other VPN providers.

Unless you try torrenting a small eBook file, you may struggle to download anything through a Betternet VPN connection with a torrent client.

The slower speeds also eliminate your ability to stream video. If you plan to use a VPN to access geo-blocked content, you will need to look for a different provider.

Lots of Ads

As a free VPN service, Betternet needs to make money somehow. In 2017, the company added premium monthly plans. These plans offer you a choice of server locations and faster speeds, but lack the increased security that you get from other VPN providers.

The company makes the bulk of its money through ads. When you use the free service, Betternet displays lots of advertisements, which also brings an increased threat of adware.

Should You Use Betternet For Torrenting?

Betternet may not offer a safe option for torrenting. You face a risk of dropped connections, DNS leaks, and government requests for data.

Reports indicate that Betternet may also increase the threat of malware. Using this service also results in incredibly slow speeds, making it a challenge to download or stream any content.

Keep in mind that Betternet VPN is not alone. Many free VPNs offer the same disadvantages. Without a steady revenue from paying customers, these services often have fewer servers, sell information to third parties, and provide less security.


If you want to use a torrent client with a VPN, consider choosing a trusted provider.

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  • P2P Optimized Servers
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