Best VPN for Torrenting

After testing many providers, we came out with a short list of the best VPN for Torrenting. And keep in mind that we only took file sharing in consideration when we made these reviews. Even though these VPNs are used for other purposes, these reviews were made with the BitTorrent protocol in mind.

The softwares we chose have one thing in common, they are torrent friendly VPNs that provide anonymity and peace of mind. It’s also important to mention that they come with different features and options, made for users with different preferences. In our reviews, you will find every detail about each VPN provider, from security features to speed tests. That way you will have valuable info to help you in your decision. Here is our list, check out which software is the right one for you.

NordVPN logo

NordVPN is an excellent choice. It has a good combination of safety features, speed and a price, making it a great all-round VPN. It’s great for users who are looking for a simple software, with powerful options that provide complete security. Read full NordVPN review

IPVanish logo

IPVanish has a great encryption and useful features. But the special thing about this provider was the speed, which was very high on many servers. It’s a great solution for torrent users who are looking for a mix of anonymity and very high speeds. Read full IPVanish review

ExpressVPN logo

The simplicity and efficiency of Express VPN are outstanding. The visual is very simple with all the main options and also a good speed. It provides a high level of encryption with the click of a button. A perfect option for both beginners and advanced users. Read full ExpressVPN review

PureVPN logo

PureVPN has unique tools, being able to provide more customization to their users. Besides the normal VPN features, it’s also possible to use split tunneling, or even change the language of the software. They offer a longer plan with a significantly reduced price. Read full PureVPN review

logo Ivacy

Ivacy offers a combination of features that guarantees a solid protection. At the same time, the security tools are well organized, in a simple interface, making it easy to use. It’s one of the providers offering a two year plan with a considerable price reduction. Read Ivacy VPN review

PIA VPN logo

PIA is one of the first choices of many torrenters, mostly because of their high quality combined with a very decent price. They have nice extra features to increase security, a big amount of servers and good speeds. It’s definitely worth considering it. Read full PIA VPN review

The criteria we used to select the best VPN for torrenting

Allows P2P: Obviously, to make our list of the best VPNs for torrenting, the first selection criteria was to identify the providers that clearly state in their terms that they allowBitTorrent and P2P.

Logging policy: In our selection, there are only VPNs that do not log user’s activity. All these providers state very clearly in their private policy that they do not log activity. In case any government or agency asks the VPN company for user logs, they have nothing to show them. In our opinion, a VPN that saves the activity of their users is not respecting online anonymity and, therefore, does not have a place in our list.

Encryption: We only consider a software that offers the highest level of encryption, which at the moment is the unbreakable AES 256 bits.

Protocol: As we mention in our VPN reviews, Open VPN is the protocol we recommend. Currently, it’s the most secure protocol and we will only include the VPN softwares that have it available, both OpenVPN UDP and TCP. Also, we made sure these providers offer the highest level of encryption for this protocol. We found a few that only provide AES 128 bit encryption for OpenVPN. Those were excluded.

Speed: The encryption of the VPN has an impact on the speed of the Internet connection. With some VPN providers out there, the speed loss is quite big, with others not so much. When we talk about torrenting, the download speed is an important factor. Therefore, we were careful enough to choose softwares where the speed loss is not very noticeable.

Extra features: Features that increase security and anonymity were obviously a factor to consider when selecting these VPNs. Some features are so valuable that we consider them mandatory, like the VPN Kill Switch. We have excluded some VPN providers because they do not have this tool available in their software.

Servers: When it comes to servers, there were some different things we consider.
In the first place, we made sure there are plenty of fast servers available in each VPN provider, not just a few.
Secondly, the location of the servers is also crucial. A VPN that has fast and optimized servers in torrent friendly countries has a clear advantage in our ranking.
Finally, the distribution of those servers. For us, it’s important that a VPN provider has good servers spread around the globe, in order to provide good speeds to every single user.

Bandwidth: Naturally, being able to download an unlimited amount of data is mandatory for file sharing. The VPNs we selected have unlimited bandwidth. Such limitation would have a very negative impact on your torrenting experience.

Price: Although this wasn’t an excluding factor, the price-quality ratio was relevant in our choices.