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VPN for BitTorrent in Australia

Because of the current data privacy laws in Australia, ISPs are keeping the activity of their users, such as download and search history. Torrenting activity is easily seen  by the ISP, they can see which files you downloaded. They keep such data for a period of 2 years. This information may be requested by government agencies and the ISP will have to handle it. Besides these invasive measures, some torrent sites are blocked in this country.

Some users want to be anonymous while using the BitTorrent protocol, not because they are necessarily doing something wrong, but because they want their privacy. That’s why we made this list with the best VPN providers for torrenting in Australia. A Virtual Private Network will change the user’s IP and encrypt the Internet connection.

We considered several factors in order to make this list, like speed, encryption and features. But we payed special attention to the number of servers in Australia and nearby countries. This is very important because when a user connects to a close location, there isn’t a big sacrifice on speed.

ExpressVPN wins our pick of the top VPN for Australia. When it comes to the Asia Pacific region, ExpressVPN has servers in many countries, which makes it an excellent choice for users in this area. You can have a look at the full list of servers here.It’s essential to keep in mind that servers in neighbor countries are very important as well. Those will provide fast speeds, thanks to the close distance, and they will also give you an IP from a different country

Besides that, ExpressVPN is based in a great location, the British Virgin Islands, far from countries with data retention laws. It also has crucial security features for the users that want to guarantee their anonymity when downloading torrent files, such as a Kill Switch and DNS Leak Prevention.

NordVPN is another great choice to be anonymous in Australia. This VPN is based in Panama, a very secure location that was carefully chosen to avoid governments trying to snoop on user’s activity.

There is a good amount of servers in Australia and other countries in the same region. We experienced great speeds in most of NordVPN’s servers, which is a great plus. Have a look at all the server locations available, in order to have a better idea.

Naturally, this is a no logging VPN. Their security features add many layers of security and the encryption level is the top notch. 

One of the advantages of NordVPN is that they have special servers for different purposes. For example, some servers are optimized for BitTorrent and P2P, some for streaming, some for dedicated IP addresses, etc. Having special server for different uses makes this VPN a great all-rounder for Australian users.

This is an old name in the VPN world, but recently it went through some changes that greatly improved the software. It’s based in Romania, a good location to avoid the big sharks of online surveillance. On top of that, it doesn’t save logs from their users.

When it comes to security tools, they have the most important features, like a kill switch and DNS leak protection. The user interface is quite interesting as well. The software lets you choose what you want to do, so you can have a better experience. For example, selecting the option “Torrent Anonymously” will connect you to the best server to download torrent files. And, of course, there are also options for streaming or just surfing the web.

There are many servers based in Australia, but also in close by countries. Our speed tests were great on most CyberGhost’s servers. Here’s the list of all the server locations this VPN has.


Online privacy (or the lack of it) is a big issue in Australia. A VPN is a necessary tool to be anonymous, keeping governmental agencies from snooping around.

There’s no way you can go wrong with any of the 3 VPN providers in this list. All of them allow torrenting and respect users by not keeping their activity logs. What changes is the amount of features and user interface in each of them. You can read about each of these VPNs, or you can even try them out. Remember that they all have a money back guarantee policy.