Best Torrent Sites

Because of the constant shutdown of some torrent pages, many of our readers wonder what are the best ones right now. A couple of famous torrenting sites were shut down over the last few years. But, as some close down, there are others continuing their work and also new ones popping up. 

We’ve made our research and decided to share our favorites with you. The following are our favorite pages. 

The best site for torrentsThe Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent sites out there. Everyone heard about the turbulence they had in the past, when it was shut down more than one time. Things have been calm and the TPB is running normally in the last couple of years.

The strong points are hard to ignore: the simplicity, the ease of use and especially the number of torrents available. The fact that the advertisement is very minimal is also positive. It’s easy to understand why many people consider it the best, including us.


Great page for file sharingRarBG is also famous for containing a vast selection of files. It also makes it easy to search and separate the different type of files. For example, it’s possible to search movies, software, shows, etc, separately. One of the things where RarBG stands out from the crowd is the incredible amount of feedback provided by its huge community. Users often write comments about the files, making it easy to spot a bad quality torrent.

It was banned from a few countries, like the UK, India and Denmark. A VPN is a good option for users from those countries to have access to this site again, while being protected from monitoring agencies.

3. Zooqle

Zooqle is a new alternative for file sharingZooqle is far from being the most popular page on this list. It’s also not the most complete when it comes to the number of files. But we were blown away with their user interface. It has an auto-complete tool when searching for a torrent. And after selecting one, it organizes the results in a very neat and useful way. It makes things extremely easy. It’s even possible to search by actor, and it will show all the available files with movies from that actor organized by year.

It’s the most recent site on our list, but it’s growing at a very fast speed. For a new player in this game, it has a very respectable torrent library, and we hope it continues growing at this rate. It’s also possible for users to create an account and subscribe to their favorite shows, movies, music, games, apps, anime, etc.

4. 1337x

A popular site to download torrents1337x has one of the biggest collections of torrents. It’s likely that you will find what you’re looking for. Its popularity increased considerably after other big sites for torrents were closed. Even after being blocked by Google in search results,  1337x is growing in popularity every month.

It certainly has the potential to rank higher on this list. But, in our opinion, all those ads have a negative impact on the user experience, especially the constant pop-ups. If you don’t mind about that,  it’s definitely one of the best choices.

5. Limetorrents

Good website for torrentingLimetorrents is a good all-round website to download torrents. It has a good selection of files, it’s easy enough to find them and it looks quite clean. There’s still the occasional pop-up, but it’s not exaggerated, we’ve seen much worse.

The health feature is useful. It lets you know how a specific torrent file is performing, considering the number of seeders and leechers. That way, you will know what to expect in terms of download speed.

Final Thoughts

Torrenting is still the best way of sharing files on the Internet, and these sites make it really easy. But there are a couple drawbacks. This kind of pages attracts the attention of entities who are trying to track your activity. You never know when one of them may be watching you.

That’s why you need to make sure you are connected to a VPN when you download torrents. It allows you to hide from your ISP and other entities that are snooping on your activity. This kind of software allows you to be anonymous, with a different IP address and an encrypted connection.

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