Best Torrent Sites

One of the most popular ways to getting media is by downloading a torrent file. But what are the best sites to download torrents? Most people heard about The Pirate Bay, for example, but there are many others.

It's true that the number of torrent sites has dwindled in recent years, following aggressive anti-piracy campaigns. However, some of the surviving torrent sites continue to thrive thanks to the millions of BitTorrent users around the world. 

What to Look for in a Torrent Website

The BitTorrent ecosystem is vast and complex, and the number of torrent websites has grown exponentially in recent years. It can be hard to figure out which of these sites are trustworthy and which are not. However, there are a few criteria to consider, which can help you decide if a torrent site is worth your time.

Torrent Availability: This should go without saying, but you will want to have many torrent files available. That will increase the chances of finding what you are looking for.

Versions: It's also a positive factor to have several versions of the same file available. For example, when you type the name of a movie and there are several versions, such as 1080p, 720p, etc. Having different options available will give you the luxury of choosint the best one for your device.

Amount of seeders and peers: That is one of the most important details. Most torrent websites give you the info regarding the number of seeders and peers for the same file.

If you visit a page where the files have a minimal number peers, you won't achieve great download speeds. It's very likely that it's going to be very slow. If there are no seeders at all, the download may even be impossible. That way, you should also make sure that your favorite torrent site contains files that have plenty of seeders.

Community: The community of a site can say many things about it. By going through the comments, you can know what is right or wrong with the torrent file and even issues that concern the entire website. Basically, it's the best place to read about other user's complaints.

The Torrent Sites We Recommend

We've done our research considering the factors above, and we're sharing our favorite ones with you. These are the sites that we currently consider to be the best ones for torrenting.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay front page

The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest and major torrent sites out there. Everyone heard about the turbulence they had in the past when it was shut down, more than one time. Things have been calm and the TPB is running normally for the last couple of years.

The strong points are hard to ignore: simplicity, ease of use, and the number of torrents available. The fact that the advertisement is very minimal is also positive. It's easy to understand why many people consider it the best torrent site, including us.


The 1337x website

1337x is among the most popular torrent sites, thanks to its huge collection. You will likely find what you're looking for thanks to the variety of torrents available. Its popularity increased considerably after other big sites were shut down. 

The site makes it easy to search for different types of files. For example, it's possible to search movies, software, and others separately.


The RarBG site and its latest releases

RarBG is also famous for containing a vast selection of files. It's one of the favorites in the file-sharing community because they are very fast when it comes to making recent titles and popular torrents available. Sometimes even on the same day as the original release dates.

One of the things where RarBG stands out from the crowd is the incredible amount of feedback provided by its huge community. Users often write comments about the files, making it easy to spot a bad quality torrent. Its users are famous for their particular sense of humor.

RarBG was banned from a few countries, like the UK, India and Denmark. For users of such countries, a VPN will have the extra benefit of providing access to the site.


The Zooqle site displaying tv shows

Zooqle is far from being the most famous page on this list. It's also not the most complete when it comes to the number of files. But the growth of this torrent site, along with its very organized user interface, is just incredible. 

There's an auto-complete tool when searching for a torrent. And after selecting one, it organizes the results in an elegant and useful way, with filters that help you find what you want in a fast way.

 It's also possible for users to create an account and subscribe to their favorite media.


A torrent site for music

Soundpark is a dedicated music file-sharing site. It does not host torrents for other content types, giving you access to an extensive database with just music.

To start looking for your favorite artists or bands, use the search bar. It's possible to find almost any song, album, or compilation. The site even has torrents for complete discographies of various artists.

One of the reasons to use a torrent archive website for music is to find lossless files. Soundpark has a section devoted to lossless audio. Look for FLAC, WAV, and AIFF audio files for studio-quality sound.

Along with songs, there is a collection of music videos. The website helps you discover new tracks, thanks to its featured categories. Soundpark offers recommendations for the video of the month, top albums, new releases, and much more.

As with many torrent-hosting websites, Soundpark shuts down from time to time. You may need to look for the currently active domain name.


A games torrent site

As the name suggests, GamesTorrents specializes in game torrents. It offers a simple user interface, including a search bar and titles organized based on the platform.

You can browse the latest uploads for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, Wii, and Mac. The site uses thumbnail images of the games with icons to denote the platform. The thumbnails also display the cracking team behind the release, such as Reloaded, 3DM, and Skidrow.

As cracked games come in many file formats, it even allows you to filter results depending on the format. It is possible to search for ISO, RAR, DMG, BIN-CUE, and other file types.

If you want AAA titles, this site has you covered. It always includes the latest major releases for all the top platforms. Whether you want the newest PC or Xbox titles, you should find them on this page.

Torrent Sites FAQs

What is a Torrent Site?

A torrent site is a website that hosts .torrent files, which are small files that contain information about the files you're about to download. Its primary purpose is to make it easy for you to find and download several pieces that many different people host.

Because of some confusion among users, it's important to mention that this kind of site is different from a torrent search engine. The latter does not host files; it only shows you torrent sites that contain the file you want.

How to use a Torrent Site?

The torrent site is just the first step of the entire process, and it's pretty simple to use. Besides the file you want, the only thing you have to decide is whether to download it through the regular download button or via the magnet link. 

As you probably know, you also need a BitTorrent client. This software is the second stage of the process. When you start the download, your default torrent manager will look for peers with pieces of that same file. After you download these pieces, your computer puts them back together to make the file whole. The more pieces you have, the easier it is to find others with the rest of the pieces. 

All you have to do is find the file you want and the software will do the rest.

Are Torrent Websites Safe?

Some torrent websites may be more dangerous than you think. A group of researchers found that a few sites may be injecting malicious ads into your web browser! It turns out that many ads are fake, and that clicking on any of them could compromise your computer. An estimated 12 million users are infected every month, and that's just from torrent pages.

In case you are asking yourself if the moderators and website owners are trying to infect your device, it's not always the case. Many times, shady marketing agencies control the annoying popups and flashy banners you see on these sites. And moderators of such sites don't control everything that is displayed. The result is that some ads are packed with malware and spyware, compromising the torrent user who was browsing the website.

Make sure you have a decent antivirus when looking for torrents. Also, get an adblocker. It will prevent that most of those popups will even load on your browser.

Should you use a VPN when visiting torrent site?

Users usually rely on a VPN for torrenting, but what about torrent websites? The first thing you should understand is that torrenting goes beyond a BitTorrent client. It starts the moment you start looking for the torrent file.

Even though visiting a torrent site is legal, you are revealing your intentions. Anyone monitoring you without a VPN would know what you plan to do later, with the protection of the VPN. That does not mean you will be caught, but you are giving hints of your activity to your ISP and other entities that may be snooping. Next time, turn your VPN on before the torrent search.

Are Private Torrent Sites Safer?

There are plenty of private sites where users connect to private trackers to download their files. These are safer and offer faster download speeds than public torrent sites, thanks to the seeding rules from such communities. 

The drawback is that you will need an invite from a member to have access to private sites. In case you don't know current users of a site, there are places where you can try your luck, such as torrentinvites.  


In a time when not every torrent site is reliable, it's essential to know where to look for your files. A good site is a perfect way of researching for torrents, and that's what we intend to show you with this post. By using any site on this list, you'll find just about any torrent you're looking for.

Finally, if you are careful and follow the tips we mentioned, you will be able to use these sites with peace of mind.

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