Private Torrent Sites You Want to Get an Invite For

The world of digital file-sharing is dominated by torrents these days. Once you have a torrent client installed on your personal computer or mobile device, you will be able to share and download media files. From films to games and television series to music albums, you only need to input a torrent link, and the app will take care of the rest.

What torrent software clients do is point to trackers, which are servers that allow peers to connect. These trackers fall into two categories: public and private. While public trackers can be used by virtually anyone who is able to access them, private trackers require access credentials that can only be obtained through a registration process.

You can think of private trackers as a members-only club, and membership does have enticing benefits and safety measures not offered by public torrent trackers. 

This article will explain and discuss the benefits of private torrent networks and the registration process. But let’s begin with the seven sites you definitely want to join.


As its name suggests, this is a community focused on films, especially popular Hollywood productions that generate impressive box office numbers.

Getting an invite for PassThePopcorn is not easy. But it is definitely worth it if your interest in movies lies right at the intersection of both quality and quantity. It is estimated that this network will soon reach a million titles in its collection, and most of them are high-resolution files. 


More commonly known as RED by members, this private tracker is the main spot for music lovers. It’s a favorite for those looking for quality audio files instead of uploaded YouTube tracks that sound like old cassette tapes. 

To join RED, you do not need to be an audiophile. Still, many registered users had to prepare for the interview, which asks about the fundamentals of digital music formats, CD ripping, and file sharing in general. This site has a vibrant community of music fans.


Gamers flock to this private torrent community for more than just video game releases; they can also find mods, additional downloadable content, podcasts fixes, and more. 

Modern games, particularly AAA titles, tend to be very large files, and their torrenting takes up significant bandwidth. GazelleGames takes pride in being a tracker where users enjoy high torrent speeds. As you may have guessed it, that is accomplished through maintaining a high seeding to leeching ratio. You have to make a commitment to share in this community actively.


This network is mainly supported by donations. It has been able to amass an amazing collection of digital media that includes everything from movies to television series and from games to audiobooks.

This general-interest private tracker will open windows for donation drives and invites through its IRC channel, which you can access from its website. IPTorrents is one of the few private torrent clubs where you can make upfront donations to join.


If you are into ebooks and digital media related to the written word, this is the tracker you will want to join. There are hundreds of new titles added on a daily basis. 

The best way to access the massive ebook library offered by Biblotik is to join a torrent forum where recruiters hang out. Most likely, you will need to have access to an OverDrive account. Constant leeching can result in immediate bans. 


BroadcastTheNet is like a love letter to television in all forms. BTN offers retro TV series along with some of the most recent digital streaming hits. 

Unlike other private trackers mentioned herein, members of BroadcastTheNet are not subject to complex rules. You are expected to maintain an adequate ratio, but that is about it. Proper naming of files and organization is a must. If you have streaming series to contribute, you will be able to earn nice upload credits and allowed to invite friends.


As you can guess by its name, the focus of this torrent community is on anime series and films. But there is also quite a bit of manga and other works of Japanese-style animation.

Those passionate about anime and manga have probably seen offers to join AnimeBytes posted on their favorite online discussion forums. Joining is definitely worth it, but you may want to look into setting up a seedbox if you want to access the really good stuff. Old manga titles that predate the Internet are always welcome in this club. 


One could argue that the private torrent websites on this list do not have the extensive collection of magnet links offered by public trackers. But keep in mind that these networks add new media at an impressive rate. And their specific focus, coupled with a strong sense of community, translates into a better torrenting experience. 

How You Can Join Private Torrent Websites

As previously mentioned, you will have to register as a new member to access the torrent private communities listed above. And this is accomplished by means of invitations. If you know a member in good standing, you can ask for an invite, but you can also join online forums where topics related to file-sharing are discussed. 

A group of people in a torrent comunity

In these forums, you are bound to run into recruiters looking for new members who can contribute to the community. You may be directed to Internet Relay Chat channels, where you will go through a short interview to determine if you can be invited. 

Similar to how private clubs have certain membership requirements, private trackers will check if prospective members qualify. Some networks will ask for upfront financial donations, which are usually pretty reasonable.

Security on Torrent Communities

These torrent websites take pride in protecting the privacy of their members. But they have different rules regarding this matter. 

Using a Virtual Private Network 

It’s widely known that a VPN is the safest way of protecting yourself when torrenting. But the truth is that some private sites do not allow them. 

For example, trackers such as RED do not allow a VPN when accessing the website because they need to ascertain who you are. Another valid reason is that admins are concerned that you will not configure the VPN app for port forwarding, which is necessary to maintain a good ratio. The private torrent sites that conduct interviews may even check your knowledge of port forwarding.

Basically, some private sites let you use a VPN, and some don’t. Our advice is to protect yourself behind a VPN whenever you can, as it can considerably increase your anonymity.

Get a good VPN for torrenting

Which Private Torrent Website is Right for You?

As long as you are willing to seed and share your files, you can join any private trackers that match your interests. For example, IPTorrents is pretty popular because it does not have a narrow focus. However, many of its members are also registered in other networks that are more specialized in terms of content. 

Bottom Line

The Internet has changed considerably in the two decades since the first version of the BitTorrent file-sharing protocol was released. Gone are the days when you downloaded torrent files without having to worry about malware, fake files, and traps set up by unscrupulous law firms trying to trick unsuspecting users. 

Private torrent websites provide the best experience to Internet users because of their attitude towards privacy. They also promote a sense of community through the digital content that members wish to share.