The Best BitTorrent Clients

A BitTorrent client has a huge role in your downloads. The right software can make all the difference. Some torrent users prefer simple and fast software, while others like to see a lot of statistics and extra functions. That’s why we decided to share the best ones with you.

1. qBitTorrent

The best torrent client

The choice for the best torrent program was actually not hard. qBitTorrent is a very simple and lightweight client, and it is completely open source. It has all the basic features, such as prioritizing and queueing files, bandwidth scheduler, a tool to create torrents, etc… It’s also ad-free, which is a rare thing nowadays. As we mentioned, it’s open source software, which means there are a lot of users contributing to improve it. As an example, qBitTorrent is available in more than 70 languages.

This program is not as famous as some others. Actually, many of its users are people who were frustrated with their torrent clients and decided to try something new. Most people who tried it didn’t go back. We see it as the best alternative for the ones who are tired of ads or software that consumes a lot of resources. qBitTorrent is perfect for the ones who look for speed and simplicity.

2. Transmission

A reliable torrent app

Transmission was originally made for Linux and Mac, but now it’s available for Windows as well. The main thing that distinguishes it from the rest is the good looking user interface. It’s different from every other software. And it’s also open source, there are no ads and it has no premium version.

Regarding its features, it has all the tools that a good BitTorrent client should have. At the same time, it’s very light, running smoothly in the background, without any kind of performance issues.

There’s not a lot of negative points to discuss. But it’s worth mentioning that some users complained that the Windows version is not as stable as the Linux and Mac ones.

3. uTorrent

uTorrent is the most popular option

Everyone knows this one, uTorrent is the most popular torrent client out there. It’s famous for being free and fast, with plenty of features. The ease of use is also one of the main characteristics. It’s maintained and developed by BitTorrent Inc, the guys who created the BitTorrent protocol.

It has been around for many years, and it has been the only software for many users.

Even though there is a premium version with extra features, we still think the free version does a very decent job. The truth is that it offers fast downloads with little effort to your computer. If you can get used to the ads, it can be a very good option.

4. Deluge

Customizable bittorrent client

This is another light program that has basic features. It may have fewer tools than other apps, but it’s enough for the average user. This is actually one of the things that Deluge fans love about it. Having only the basic features makes this software very light, without bloating and extremely easy to use. Also, it’s open-source software.

But there is one thing that makes Deluge unique, the plugins. You can add functionality to Deluge by installing external plugins. For example, if you want to stream the torrent file while you are downloading it, there’s a plugin for that. If you want to schedule downloads, there’s also a plugin for that. Deluge is basic on its own, but it can be very powerful with the addition of plugins. There are many of them, and all are optional. Each user can install how many he wants, and the result is a very customized BitTorrent client.

The downside is that plugins can make Deluge a bit heavy on your system. So try not to exaggerate and install only the ones you need.

5. Vuze

Vuze is the most complete torrenting software

Vuze started as Azureus many years ago, and it was very popular back then. It’s the richest in terms of features. Imagine all the things you think it’s possible to do with a torrenting program. Now multiply it by 10 and you have Vuze. You can see all kinds of statistics and info related to the torrent you are downloading.

Our favorite feature is the fact that you can bind your VPN with Vuze. You can choose to download torrents only when there is a VPN connection. If the VPN stops working, the download is interrupted as well. Only Vuze has this feature, which can be a good solution if your VPN does not have a Kill Switch.

On the negative side, such a huge number of features make this software heavier. It consumes much more resources than other programs, such as qBitTorrent. And finally, it contains ads that can be avoided with a premium version, like uTorrent.

Use a BitTorrent Client Safely

Remember that torrenting without protection can be risky. If you are not hiding your activity, it’s easy to see what you are doing. Always use a good VPN for your downloads, so that you can have online privacy and avoid snoopers.

  • Torrent Friendly
  • Good set of features
  • Unlimited connections
  • Torrent Friendly
  • P2P Optimized servers
  • Best VPN overall
  • Torrent Friendly
  • P2P Optimized servers
  • Great price/quality ratio

Final Notes

People have different preferences and needs, some like simplicity, some like tons of info in their BitTorrent client. There are also some things that every user desires, like speed. We considered all these factors and you can’t go wrong with the programs mentioned above.