Are all VPNs Good for Torrenting and P2P?

Although all VPNs have the same objective, there is a very important thing to have in mind. The VPN provider is the only one who has the possibility of accessing your activity. You will want to make sure that you choose a provider that keeps no record of your activity, one that keeps no logs at all.

In some countries, if a government asks for activity logs to a VPN provider, by law they have to provide it. The ideal VPN does not keep any logs, and if they are asked for them by any institution, they do not have anything to show. When using a VPN, you are trusting the provider, and you should be sure they do not keep any trace of your activity. You can always find the information on whether they keep logs or not in the VPN provider’s Terms of Service.

We believe that keeping logs kills the whole principle of being anonymous. In our extensive research, we carefully read many Terms of Service, contacted many providers. The logging policy was the first criteria we used to make our selection of ideal VPNs for BitTorrent. Therefore, we started by excluding the ones that keep logs, even the ones that keep it for a few days only. Fortunately, there are some VPNs that take your privacy and anonymity very seriously. Those are the only ones we recommend.

Other providers are not BitTorrent friendly, not allowing you to use P2P file sharing. Obviously, these were also excluded from our list of VPNs. There were other criteria we took into consideration when choosing our favorites. We prioritized speed, quality of encryption and extra security features.

As an example, many people use NordVPN for torrenting. This is a VPN that respects users. They don’t keep their activity logs and they allow BitTorrent traffic on many of their servers. Besides that, their encryption is top notch and they provide good speeds. But there are more providers that also do a great job, as you will see on our list.

Finally, you should always suspect when a VPN claims to be free. There are hidden dangers with such services.