Best Torrent Sites For Anime

While you could visit The Pirate Bay to download anime TV shows and movies, you have other options. There are file-sharing sites dedicated to Japanese animation and manga.

Instead of navigating a massive database of files, you can easily search or browse popular titles. Start searching using any of the following top seven torrent websites for anime.


BakaBT appears on almost every list of the best torrenting sites for anime. You need to register before using it, but registration gives you access to a large library of popular shows and movies. You can also find dubbed and subbed versions for most series.

Bakabt anime torrents

Users tend to enjoy the interface and well-organized catalog of anime titles. There are popular series available, such as One Punch or Naruto, along with more obscure shows and hentai.

Started in 2003, BakaBT is currently the largest private tracker dedicated to anime. It maintains over 15,000 active downloads.

With this private tracker, the quality you get is higher than most sources. The site does not accept public submissions. This also reduces the risk of accidentally downloading a virus.

As with many private trackers, it’s invite-only, but occasionally offers open registration periods. If you do not want to wait for the website to accept open applications, you will need to find someone that already has a membership.

Anime Torrents

Search for subbed, dubbed, and OVA anime on It has a large selection of titles available in multiple formats to suit your viewing preferences.

Anime torrents website

As the site has lots of seeders, you typically get faster speeds. Before downloading, you should also view user comments to ensure that you have found the right file. is another option that requires registration. Typically, these private trackers have the best media. Instead of random users uploading ripped content, the site maintains quality standards. There’s plenty of DVD and Blu-ray rips in full HD.

Besides anime, this torrent website has a massive collection of manga as well. As many anime titles are based on manga, you can try to find the comic to go along with the show or movie.


If you are worried about getting in trouble for downloading copyrighted content, visit Animeworldbd. This torrent archive only includes legal torrents. It complies with all DMCA requests, taking down any content that violates copyright laws.

While you cannot find some of the latest or most popular anime, you can safely browse for legally available series and movies. Besides downloading content, the page includes the option to stream videos. However, some titles still require torrenting.

Animeworldbd does not have a lot of pop-up ads, but it does use banner ads. Some regions block the site, requiring you to use a VPN, even though it only hosts legal torrents.

It may not have the largest selection, but you do not need to worry about copyrighted content.

Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho Beta offers direct downloads, torrents, and more. It is quickly becoming a top choice for finding anime torrents, due to the abundance of content hosted on the site.

The anime tosho torrent page

The website does not offer a streamlined interface. In fact, new users may struggle to navigate the lists. However, after you find the file that you want, it gives you a variety of useful information.

There’s the option of selecting from different sources, including torrent files, magnet links, or direct downloads. Also, you are able to view the number of seeds and leeches currently sharing the torrent through the public trackers.

While the interface is not attractive, this torrenting page has a large library. There is a search bar to look for titles, but it does not offer category lists or tags to help you discover content.

Overall, the main advantage of this site is the variety of torrent files and download options

Anime Ultime

Anime-Ultime offers access to a large catalog of anime series and movies, but the interface is clunky. The homepage includes a list of recent uploads and there is a search bar on the side. But does not have a category or genre list.

The anime ultime torrent archive

You may also struggle to decipher some of the content, as the menus and tables appear in French. There’s always Google Translate.

Despite a few shortcomings, this torrent anime site still offers several advantages. It has many hard to find titles that you may not come across on other torrent tracking pages. It also gives you the option to stream directly in your browser.


While a few sites in this list require registration, AniRena allows you to instantly browse and download torrent files. It is a very easy file-sharing site to use, attracting a growing number of anime lovers.

Anirena page interface

It includes a search bar, genre menu, and a list with the most recent uploads. The lists feature the standard layout, with the file name and number of seeds and leeches.

The one problem is the number of users. While the amount of users grows, some torrents have limited seeders, which reduces transfer speed. This is not a problem with the most popular files, but the most recent uploads and less popular anime titles may take longer to torrent.

Other than the limited number of seeders for some files, Anirena remains useful for finding high-quality MKV files. With the MKV format, uploaders can add multiple subtitles. You also have the option to toggle subtitle on/off while watching, instead of viewing with hard-coded subs.

Anime Layer

Anime Layer has one of the best interfaces for searching for anime online. The sidebar includes a variety of filters to help you find specific types of TV series or movies. You can filter by tag, genre, language, and anime type.

The anime layer layout

The layout is clean, easy to navigate, and includes details about each file. A lot of information is available, such as viewing the episode synopsis, size and resolution.

While you should enjoy browsing for anime on this site, you first need to register. There is no need for registering to search for titles, but need to sign in before downloading the torrent.

To sign up, you need to create a username and password and provide your email address and birthdate. After that, you can download all the anime you want and find original anime soundtracks, manga, and Japanese television drama.

Download Anime in a Safe way

Before you add a handful of anime titles to your BitTorrent queue, you may want to set up a secure VPN connection. Masking your IP address and hiding your activity will keep your ISP from seeing what you are downloading. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts all data, including the files you get through a torrent client.

Using a VPN does more than protect you against potential copyright violations. It also helps keep you safe and prevents malicious individuals from tracking your activity and discovering your IP address.

Here are a few suggestions of reliable VPN providers:

  • ExpressVPN
  • Torrent friendly
  • P2P on every server
  • Great download speeds
  • NordVPN
  • Torrent Friendly
  • P2P dedicated servers
  • Best all-round VPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Torrent friendly
  • P2P dedicated servers
  • Useful security features

There are Options for Everyone

With these seven sites, you should have no problem finding almost any anime movie and series. Some even have manga.

Bakabt remains the most used source for anime torrents, but requires registration. If you want to start browsing instantly, then Anime Tosho or AniRena are great options.